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This “Welcome to Florida” sign is in some residents’ rearview mirror, as we’re noticing some residents are moving out of the Sunshine State.

In 2022, 490,000 moved out of Florida. So where did all of these people relocate to? We’ll get into that. But first, we’ve got to point out that Florida is usually a place that people relocate to. Maybe someone wants to come down and enjoy the Florida weather. I know plenty of Midwesterners and northeasterners who have made a weather-related decision about their move. Folks who are retiring often move to Florida to enjoy the weather and recreation, as well. How about all of the people who want to come to Florida to enjoy our state that doesn’t force us to pay state income tax? Some have chosen Florida as their new home after living in other states that enforced strict regulations during Covid, causing people to lose jobs and businesses.

But there are some residents moving who said goodbye to Florida. If you’re interested in state-to-state migration stats from last year we can share them. The U.S Census Bureau put out new numbers this week.

States Where Florida Residents Are Moving

The five most popular places Florida residents were moving to in 2022 were: Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, California, and Tennessee.

Would you believe almost 35,000 people moved to North Carolina from Florida? Almsot 30,000 moved to California. And about 25,000 moved to Tennessee.

And if your curious about which state is the least popular state for Florida residents to move to, it’s South Dakota. Only 300 or so (former) Florida residents there made the trek to South Dakota.

Now tons of people did move out of California and relocated to Texas. And we know we had an enormous influx of New Yorkers into Florida. 91,000 people, to be precise. Check out our list of the top five places Floridian residents were moving to.

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  • 1. Georgia

    Why in the world did 51,000 people choose to move out of Florida to Georgia? Sounds crazy to me. Have fun rooting for the Falcons!

  • 2. Texas

    How many people moved out of Florida to head to Texas? 41,747. Well, I guess if your thought process is bigger is better, than Texas is your place.

  • 3. North Carolina

    I can relate to this move. If I were going to move from Florida to any other state, it would be North Carolina. The weather and the mountains are gorgeous in the Carolinas.

  • 4. California

    What kind of crazy are the people who moved FROM Florida to California? And how rich are they??? It’s a beautiful place, but the cost of living is enough to keep me out of Cali.

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