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Lately, when I scroll through my Instagram account, I’m bombarded with beauty treatments, services to add to the regimen…everything I need to buy, sign up for or do to make a better version of me.

Micro needling, micro blading, micro nose hair curling (not really). While I agree, there’s room for improvement on every aspect of my physical appearance, I don’t have the time, money, or inclination to work on all of it. Having said that, there are some regular things I should probably never give up doing that allow me to be more efficient with my beauty routine and allow me to look at least half-way presentable. I don’t want to spend the time or money for nails (on my hands…I do my toes), brows…a handful of other services…but these are my FIVE must-do treatments.

  • #1 Lash Extensions (Every 3 Weeks) at Face Factory In Palm Harbor

    If you’d asked me two years ago, I would’ve said that lashes are too expensive and too time-consuming. But I stared getting them done to treat myself while I was pregnant, and I’m addicted. Committed to lashes for life. The time I save putting on AND taking off mascara, is amazing. And I feel like all that pulling and wiping around your eyes can’t be great for your skin. I see Lauren at Face Factory every three weeks, and not only do I love how she does my lashes (very natural), the whole experience is like a mini-meditation…so relaxing, and I’m usually out of there in 45 minutes.

  • #2 Hair Highlights & Cut (Every 2-3 Months) Volume Hair Studio in Westchase

    I have dishwater brown (mousey brown) hair. But that’s not a horrible thing, because believe it or not, dishwater brown is a nice sort of back drop on which to paint any highlights or colors. Like my entire beauty routine, my hair routine has got to be relatively low-maintenance. I don’t have a lot of time to sit in the chair, and so my hairdresser, Blair, at Volume Hair Studio gets me in and out. He does an amazing cut that lasts for three months. And my highlights are so natural, I can let them grow out, and it looks like it was done by design.

  • #3 Laser Hair Removal (Zero Maintenance) at Ideal Image in Tampa

    I know you might be thinking that laser hair removal is a pricey commitment. It’s not cheap. BUT…I did my armpits and bikini areas about twelve years ago and never had to think about shaving those areas AGAIN. BEST BEAUTY money spent! So I include this on my Beauty Budget list because you have to think about how many treatments are out there that you can do and then never have to worry about again. Not many. I highly recommend this. When I have the time, maybe I’ll go back and do my legs.

  • #4 Pedicure (Once a Season) Tre Nail Lounge in Westchase

    How lame is that? I only get my toes done one every three months. I do at home pedicures in-between, but I find that I can make a gel pedicure last pretty long by painting over if it gets chipped with a similar color or a shimmery coat. I would love to do it more often, but it’s cool when you only do it four times a year because it makes it a real treat.


  • #5 Facial (Every 6-8 Weeks) at Massage Luxe in Westchase

    My favorite kind of facial is a hydra facial, but that’s not on my “Five Must-do Treatments that Fit in the Budget,” because hydra facials are pricey. (I’ll do a future list with my Five Beauty Treatment Splurges.) But I do like to get a facial regularly just to have a clean slate, and make sure my skin is moisturized well.

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