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Took the kids to a Rays game last night. (A big thank you to Don for the most amazing seats! Wow!) The Rays hosted the Texas Rangers.

It was Davianna’s first game so she was all hyped up about that. Big Sis has already been to a dozen or so MLB games. It is fun to try to explain the game to them and see them experience baseball for the first time through their eyes. Nonetheless, they’re not quite that excited about the rules of the game but there are some parts of the experience last night that they absolutely love. I also told them Mama used to work the games and be on the field before and after the game, and they couldn’t care less about that, as well.

But here are some photos of the parts of the experience last night that they absolutely loved.

  • 1. Cheering When the Rays Score


    They were dancing and screaming. I’m always telling them to lower their voices around the house because they are so loud, so they were happy to be somewhere where they could hoot and holler at full volume.

  • 2. Eating Dippin' Dots


    As soon as we saw the Dippin’ Dots stand, they zoned in. And for a solid three innings after we were back in our seats, it’s like, “Mama, I’m being good. When can we go get Dippin’ Dots?”



  • 3. Going Up and Down the Steps


    Why do kids love stairs so much? A mystery. But they were excited every time we got up to use the restroom or get food so they could climb the stairs. Late into the game, they started to get up and do a quick up and down on that first block of steps, so that was our cue to scoot out.

  • 4. Dancing in the Rain after the Game


    Dad went to get the car in the torrential downpour, and the girls had a blast running out and getting soaked. Hopefully, we won’t catch colds after this wild night.