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MJ Morning Show

MJ Morning Show

Food clearly is the way to this man's heart.

We all Love MJ, leader and namesake of the MJ Morning Show. He is a loving husband to Michelle and a good father to his children.  He is an accomplished broadcaster, he is amazingly creative and genuinely funny.  I challenge anyone to find a harder worker than MJ.  But a recent report from  the journal Personality and Individual Differences makes me think about him differently.

The research essentially says that people that are on the shorter side are not happy people.  Shorter people may demonstrate hostile behavior and attitudes in an effort to counteract their shortness.

According to and article in the New York Post, the researchers, they used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a crowd-sourcing site, to recruit 367 adults from the US, for the study.

The people chosen for the study were asked to fill out a special questionnaire.  They wanted to determine the peoples levels of psychopathy, narcissism and their ability to be manipulative, be cynical and be lacking in morality.

This brings me to MJ.  He is five feet six and one half inches tall!!!

MJ with Megaphone

By all standards,MJ is  a shorter guy.  Now, I will admit short people get a bad rap thanks to the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French General who stood, five feet six inches tall.  Everyone has heard of the “Napoleon Complex”… Well, it was named after him. For the record, MJ towers over Napoleon by a whopping half inch.

“Shorter people, especially those who wish they were taller, are more characterized by traits that are likely to make them show-off, be confrontational and interested in power,” lead author of the study Peter K. Jonason, of the University of Padua in Italy, saidaccording to PsyPost.

If you were wondering, according to a quick Google search, the Average Height of an American Male s Five feet Nine Inches.

So should we be concerned for our Little Buddy, MJ?  Well…. Maybe.

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