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Stevie Nicks performs onstage at the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Show at Barclays Center on March 29, 2019 in New York City.

Up for a road trip? Stevie Nicks plays the Amway Center in Orlando May 25. If you’re curious which songs she is doing on this tour, here’s a look at the set list she usually sticks to. If you saw her last year, you’ll notice a few changes.

  • "Outside the Rain"

    After taking the stage to Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down a Dream,” Stevie opens the night with one of her a deep cut from one of her songs from 1981’s Bella Donna album. It’s believed by many of Stevie’s fans that the song is about her relationship with Mick Fleetwood.

  • "Dreams"

    No deep cut here.  This Fleetwood Mac classic from 1977 was the second single from Rumours.  The song was ranked #9 when Rolling Stone put out their 2021 list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”  Stevie wrote the song in about 10 minutes.

  • "If Anyone Falls"

    One of Stevie’s often forgotten solo hits from September 1983.  It was her second single from “The Wild Heart.”

  • "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"

    The 80s gem she did with Tom Petty was the 25th music video ever played on MTV on August 1, 1981.

  • "Fall From Grace"

    This is the first time this song’s been on the set list in years.  Rosanna Arquette and Laura Dern are said to have had an influence on this song. The story goes that the producer wanted to cut some of the verses out but the actresses spoke up and said he was “screwing up the story,” according to

  • "For What It's Worth"

    Here comes the first big cover of the night.  The iconic Stephen Still song is often thought to be about war, but it was actually about the Sunset Strip riots in LA back in November of 1966.

  • "Gypsy"

    The 1982 Fleetwood Mac was partially inspired by the death of Stevie’s friend Robin Synder Anderson who died from leukemia.

  • "Wild Heart"

    The music video for this one was recorded during a Rolling Stone photo shoot.

  • "Bella Donna"

    This one’s the first song and title track from Stevie’s first solo album in 1981.  It features Tom Petty, Don Felder, and Don Henley.

  • "Soldier's Angel"

    Lindsey Buckingham is featured on this song Stevie wrote after visiting military hospitals.

  • "Stand Back"

    Stevie wrote this one on her wedding day in 1983.  She and Kim Anderson heard Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” on the radio and it inspired this one.

  • "I Sing For The Things"

    Another gem from the ’80s… “You say I have everything. Well, I’m living on dreams and chains. But I sing for the things money can’t buy.”

  • "Gold Dust Woman"

    This Fleetwood Mac classic was recorded at 4 in the morning.  According to the story, Mick Fleetwood wore goggles as glass was broken to accentuate Stevie’s vocals.  In later years, Stevie confirmed that gold dust is a reference to cocaine.

  • "Sara"

    Don Henley has said this Fleetwood Mac song was about their unborn child. Stevie has said the song is about a friend who married Stevie’s ex Mick Fleetwood.

  • "Edge of Seventeen"

    The classic 1983 hit for Stevie was written after the passing of her uncle and John Lennon’s murder in 1980.   Tom Petty’s wife inspired the title.  Don’t leave after this one.  There’s more to come after the encore.

  • "Free Fallin'"

    This was the first song of Tom Petty’s first solo album. Petty said that this song isn’t about a specific person. It was inspired by drives along Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles.

  • "Rhiannon"

    The Fleetwood Mac hit inspired by a character in the early 70s novel “Triad” where a woman is possessed by a witch named Rhiannon.

  • "Landslide"

    This 1975 song had a second life when it was included when Fleetwood Mac released their live reunion album “The Dance” in 1997.