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It’s an entirely new USFL. The league is owned by Fox Sports, and kickoff will take place later this month.

Here’s what you’ll need to know about this new USFL and the Tampa Bay Bandits.

  • It's the first season of the new USFL

    There are eight teams, including the Tampa Bay Bandits. Two networks will televise the games: FOX and NBC. Some games will also be broadcast on USA Network and Fox Sports 1. In fact, the first game of the inaugural season, between the New Jersey Generals and the Birmingham Stallions on April 16, is expected to be televised on both FOX and NBC.

    Sadly, they won’t be playing in Tampa this season. The entire inaugural regular season of the USFL will be played in Birmingham, Alabama. The post-season games will be played at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.. We’ll see what happens for season 2.

  • Now, back to the Bandits.

    If you haven’t seen the new uniforms, logo and schedule for the Bandits, here you go!

  • Here's the coaching staff

    The Bandits’ head coach is Todd Haley, who previously was head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Their first game will be on Sunday, April 17, against the Pittsburgh Maulers, and it’s scheduled to be televised on FS1 at 8 p.m.

    Click here to see the full roster of the 2022 Tampa Bay Bandits

  • Rules in the USFL are mostly the rules we're familiar with in traditional football. However, there are a few changes.

    After touchdowns, the teams will have three options:
    •Kicking an extra point with the ball snapped from the 15-yard-line
    •Running a play from the 2-yard line for a two-point conversion
    •Running a play from the 10-yard line for a three-point conversion

    Onsides kicks will be different
    •Option 1: Traditional onsides kick from the 25-yard line
    •Option 2: Run a “4th & 12” play from own 33-yard line. If successful, the team keeps the ball, if unsuccessful, defense takes possession where play ends.

    Overtime Rules
    Where this has become an issue in the NFL, this is how it will be done in the USFL:

    Two Forward Passes

    The USFL will allow offenses to throw two forward passes behind the line of scrimmage.

    Other noteable rules changes:

    Pass interference beyond the line of scrimmage, but 15 yards or less is a spot foul. Beyond 15 yards, the penalty will be 15 yards. IF a review reveals a tackler intentionally interfered more than 15 yards down the field, it will become a spot foul.
    All reviews will come from the FOX Sports Control Center in Los Angeles. Each team gets one challenge per game.

    Click here for a more in-depth explanation of the 2022 USFL rules.