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This week, a list came out ranking “The Angriest Airports” and in my opinion, Tampa International Airport got hosed.  Forbes.com contributor John Egan used Twitter Analytics to determine what airport had the angriest travelers, and according o his research Tampa International Airport came in 4th place.  There is no proof that this guy has even set foot in any of the airports that he has on his list.  For all I know he could be living in his mother’s basement, yet here is his list.  Using nothing but Twitter posts to attempt to write a factual piece.

I have travelled through Tampa International Airport dozens, if not hundreds of times and each experience has been a good one.  Keep in mind, I consider a neutral experience as a good one. While everyone may get frustrated with delay or a longer than expected TSA line, I’ve never had an experience that I felt that rose to the level of bellyaching on social media about it.

I contacted Josh Gillin, Tampa International Airport’s Senior Manager of Communications, to see what he thought about this, he said “We do have extremely popular and active social media accounts – including Twitter – that our guests frequently use to contact us because they have deservedly high expectations of their travel experience. ”

Gillin goes on to say, “TPA’s commitment to responsiveness means we engage customers via Twitter on a rolling basis each day, with the goal of quickly addressing any issues they may encounter here. We pride ourselves on being more receptive than many other facilities, which is why we have such high engagement (good and bad) with our customers.”

Frankly, I agree.  Tampa International Airport is a true gem in our community.   For some guy from Forbes to make such a negative assertion about our beloved airport is irresponsible.

If you’re wondering, on this junk list Tampa International Airport was ranked 4th Angriest Airport.  The #1 Angriest Airport was John Wayne Airport in Southern California.

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