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Who would’ve thought that Tampa would earn a place on the Wildest Cities in America list?

What exactly do you have to do to get on that list? That’s quite a feat.

The highest honors went to Reno, Nevada. I’m sure you’ll find some wild gambling and other very adult hobbies in Reno.

Let’s first take a look at what these analysts took into consideration when they came up with their “Wild Cities” list. They took into account the following factors: alcohol and binge-drinking related data; marijuana use; cocaine use; number of casinos; number of strip clubs. Whoa! Heavy stuff. That’s a wild party, alright.

Portland, Oregon earned the number 2 spot on the list. I’m just throwing out a guess that may have something to do with the availability and use of drugs in Portland.

But how about the Sunshine State? Would you think cities in Florida, which is known for its snowbird population, would make a “Wildest Cities” list?

Well, Tampa made the list. It is known as the 11th wildest city in the U.S. I wonder what gave it such wild status. I’m guessing the strip clubs played a bit of a role in giving our fine city that notoriety. Ybor City can certainly get wild, too.

Does being identified as a wild city help or hurt tourism? I think you could make arguments for both cases. Maybe a younger crowd would be more interested in traveling to Tampa now that we’ve been dubbed a wild city. Maybe people who were hoping to find more of a chill place to vacation to in Florida will be deterred once they hear how wild things are in Tampa.

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12 Cities

You can check out the list of the 12 wildest cities below. I give you my personal take on whether or not I’ve had a drink in that city.

  • 1. Reno, Nevada

    I’ve never been, but I’ll take their word for it that Reno is as wild as it gets.

  • 2. Portland, Oregon

    I had a glass of wine in Portland, but that was back in the early 2000’s before every drug imaginable became legal there.

  • 3. Traverse City, Michigan

    Never been, but I’ll take their word on it.

  • 4. Las Vegas, Nevada

    Oh, yes. Vegas is wild. I’ve visited on more than one occasion where I went straight from the casinos to the airport.

  • 5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Never been, but I’m guessing this is where the beer comes from.

  • 6. Tucson, Arizona

    It’s 1:45 drive from Phoenix, which also made the list.

  • 7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Never been, except to fly through the Pittsburgh airport, which is an awesome airport by the way.

  • 8. Sarasota, Florida

    This is a shocker to me. Sarasota seems sleepier than Tampa, but came in 8th?

  • 9. Phoenix, Arizona

    I’ve been to Super Bowls in Phoenix and it gets WILD. I believe this ranking.

  • 10. Grand Rapids

    I’ve been here. I definitely wouldn’t call it wild. I did go to a lovely, quaint winery in Grand Rapids.

  • 11. Tampa, Florida

    It’s thanks to the clubs and adult establishments.

  • 12. Baton Rouge, LA

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