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Stevie B hits the stage at Amalie Arena next week for Freestyle Explosion Throwback Jam. With a dozen acts on the lineup again this year, he has to leave a few of his classics off the set list. We asked about one in particular recently that was his second biggest hit… yet he doesn’t do it in concert. Which one? Keep reading… as we count down Stevie’s ten most-requested songs on the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party.

  • #10: Girl I Am Searching for You

    This one just barely missed the Billboard Top 40 chart in 1989. People tend to remember the album title track, which we’ll see later at #3.

  • #9: Love and Emotion

    So what was Stevie B’s second-biggest hit on the charts?  This one!  This is the one I mentioned at the top.  Stevie says he just doesn’t get a lot of fans requesting this one so it usually doesn’t make the set list at his concerts, even though it reached #15 on the charts.  Check out this performance from Arsenio Hall!

  • #8: Funky Melody

    We asked DJ Slice, Stevie’s official Tour DJ, what song does he wish Stevie do at Freestyle Explosion that isn’t on the set list.  He picked this one.  It’s the title track from an album Stevie released in 1994.

  • #7: If You Leave Me Now

    Since Jaya is coming to Tampa this year, wonder if Stevie might pop on stage to join her!

  • #6: Dreaming Of Love

    One of those Stevie jams about a love that was lost. Going way back for this one… it was the follow up single to the song that will come in at number 2!

  • #5: I Wanna Be The One

    This is one of those Stevie songs where as soon as the first note hits, you go back to 1989.  Although by this point he was the king of the clubs, this was Stevie’s first Top 40 hit on the mainstream Billboard charts.

  • #4: Because I Love You

    Since it’s a slow jam, we don’t get to play this one on the show, but it does get requested… which makes sense.  This was actually Stevie’s biggest hit… his only #1.  It spent four weeks there, as it did in many countries around the world.  At Freestyle Explosion, it’s the song in the set list that lets you catch your breath from dancing nonstop.

  • #3: In My Eyes

    Check out this performance from the Pat Sajak show… yes! That Pat Sajak – the guy from Wheel of Fortune.  I completely forgot they gave him a try as a late night host to challenge Johnny Carson and Arsenio Hall!

  • #2: Party Your Body

    When it comes to Stevie B requests on the show, honestly 90% of the time it’s for either this song or the very obvious one that’s still to come at #1.  Just like so many of the songs in this top 10, when that first beat hits, you dance.  It was Stevie’s first hit single from 1987. The song ended up landing him his first major record deal.

  • #1: Spring Love

    Was there any doubt?  When we do our year end countdown of the most requested song of the year, it’s usually this one or Ice Ice Baby that tops the list.  Although it wasn’t even Stevie’s biggest hit on the charts, it’s always the main event of a Stevie B live performance.