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Westchase has been named the BEST suburb in Florida. And for those of us who live here, we are not surprised…but shh! We don’t want the secret to get out!

Ahhh, but it looks like it might be too late. The website Niche came up with this list: 2023’s Best Suburbs to Live in Florida. And so there it is: Westchase #1.

On the MJ Moring Show, MJ broke the news to me about this story. I asked him what the website said to explain why Westchase was the best in the Sunshine State. Niche evaluated the affordability of the various suburbs across the state. The average home value in Westchase is $380,000. Median rent is $1,698. The study also looked at public schools, nightlife, diversity, health, and employment opportunities. Westchase scored an A+ in all these categories.

What makes Westchase so great?

I agree with Niche’s review. However, some may not. A few people have mentioned that the HOA’s in Westchase are the only downside to the Tampa suburb. I have my own ideas as to why this is such a special community. The above tangible, quantifiable factors are important. But I think what makes Westchase a coveted suburb are some intangible qualities. Check these reasons out and see if you agree that Westchase is the best suburb in Florida.

  • 1. Convenience



    Want to go to the beach? Or want to fly on a trip out of Tampa International Airport. If you live in Westchase, you’re about 20-30 minutes away from anywhere else you might want to be. The Tampa International Airport and International Mall dining area is 20 minutes away. If you want to go dine in South Tampa, it’s only a 30 minute drive. I can make it to downtown Dunedin in less than 25 minutes. It backs right up to Pinellas County so the beautiful beaches are not far away. And if you want a little more country and land to ride horses, just to the north is Pasco County.

  • 2. The Vibe Of The People

    Group of young people sitting together enjoying at a party and posing for a portrait. People looking at camera smiling during a party outdoors.

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    It’s really the people that make the community, right? I’ve never been to a store and encountered rudeness, never met anything but friendly, polite people at neighborhood get-togethers or kids’ birthday parties. My children’s school friends and parents are great. No one seems snooty or rude. I can’t tell you exactly why so many people in Westchase seem to be nice and pleasant, but this is the culture. And it appears that people who move here fit right in because that’s what they are looking for.

  • 3. The Restaurants

    One of my relatives who lives in South Tampa calls where I live “the country of Westchase,” as a funny dig, acting like it’s so far from South Tampa, which it’s really not. She’s also teased me, “So where do you go to eat in Westchase?” as if it’s some Podunk community where we don’t have any places to dine. I describe the Westchase dining scene as exactly what you need and want, all within 5 minutes. My favorite Lebanese is Fresh Bites, Rice and Spice for Thai, Sushi Alive, Westchase Pizza, Catch 23 for great seafood and a fun vibe.

  • 4. The Grocery Stores


    The grocery stores in Westchase are my happy place. I swear we have the best Publix I’ve ever been in. Maybe that’s a thing. You just love YOUR Publix because you know where everything is. But I truly believe this one is the best. Sprouts, on the corner of Linebaugh and Sheldon, always makes me Zen when I’m strolling around looking for healthy food.

  • 5. It's Pretty In An Approachable, Attainable Way

    A house at sunset in a Florida suburb

    A house in the suburbs

    Westchase is not the prom queen you will never get a date with. But it’s still appealing to the eye and comfortable. In other words, it’s not Coral Gables. But it’s not trying to be. I have to refer back to my time before I was a Westchase resident and think about my take on it then. I remember driving down Linebaugh between Countryway and Sheldon and thinking the trees were beautiful and serene. Then when you look down Montague Street, it gives you that feeling of being cozy and picturesque but also a little fancy.

  • 6. The Wildlife

    Deers standing in the grass.

    Deers, and alligators, and turkeys! Oh my! Every day we see deers and alligators in our backyard and/or around the neighborhood. Tell me where you can find that kind of wildlife in Tampa neighborhoods. My parents LOVE birds and they have plenty of birdwatching to enjoy from their back porch. (They live here, too.) I love it for my kids. And even though we see them all the time, it never gets old for me. The reason I know this, is because I post it on IG all the time!

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