The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Saturday Nights 7pm to Midnight

Geno isn’t the star of the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party. Nor is DJ Paul S, DJ Hoof, Speedy Junior, DJ Slice or Nestor Cruz.

YOU are the star of the show Saturday nights. It’s your calls, requests and stories that bring the PARTY to The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party. These callers are among our favorites – they bring the energy every Saturday night. They call so often they have “VIP” status on the show with their own show nicknames and rolls on the show.

  • Little Bella

    She’s our new official dance instructor of the Saturday Night Dance Party.  Bella often calls in with a great song request, but she also provides a weekly dance class on the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party Facebook page.  Check out her moves this week and reply with your own video!

  • Dr. Steven

    He’s been with us since week 1 when Geno took over the Saturday Night Dance Party in 2019. Not many of our callers have a degree in beats. (Well heartbeats.) This doctor from St. Pete prescribes great old school jams to cure whatever ails you.

  • Rollerskatin' Rana

    Usually en route to a roller skating rink when she calls in, Rana rolls up to the party every Saturday night with a great 80s classic. One of these days, we need to do a SNDP roller skating night!  She’s the one who always sounds like someone’s tickling her when she calls because she’s always giggling.

  • Date Night Dave

    His wife Dawn is no longer with us, but David says every Saturday night is still date night for them and the SNDP provides the soundtrack. David’s story shows how the power of music lets us go back in time and reconnect in a way the real world sometimes can’t.

  • Long Island Peggy

    No she’s not named after iced tea. Her thick accent and brash New York attitude earned her the name! She’s a Pasco gal now, but when you hear her on the show, you know she’s all New York!

  • Tow Truck Todd

    There’s no parking on the dance floor… so get dancing or this weekly caller from Seffner will tow you! Todd calls in from the road as he tows away those cars parked illegally all over the Tampa Bay.

  • Debbie Deb

    When she hears music, it makes her dance. OK so it’s not THAT Debbie Deb. At least we don’t think it’s that Debbie Deb. But whatever. Lookout weekend! Deb always calls with a great old school jam!

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