The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Saturday Nights 7pm to Midnight

Whitney Houston sings the National Anthem before a game with the New York Giants taking on the Buffalo Bills prior to Super Bowl XXV at Tampa Stadium on January 27, 1991 in Tampa, Florida. The Giants won 20-19.

Beauty and the Beast and Terminator 2 were playing at the movies. A gallon of gas cost $1.12. Super Nintendo was the thing to have. Although she didn’t have a song on the charts this particular week, Whitney Houston delivered one of the most amazing renditions of the Star Spangled Banner here in Tampa at the Super Bowl. These 10 songs were the jams we danced to that week!

Pick one to kick off the show this Saturday night by leaving it as a comment on our Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party Facebook page. Remember, if someone already suggested the song you want, just give theirs a like (don’t start a new comment). The song with the most likes will be the one we play at 7pm Saturday night!

  • #10: Cathy Dennis - Touch Me All Night Long

  • #9: Vanilla Ice - Play That Funky Music

  • #8: Bingo Boys - How To Dance

  • #7: Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do (Without You)

  • #6: Father MC - I'll Do 4 U

  • #5: Gerardo - Rico Suave

  • #4: Enigma - Sadeness Part 1

  • #3: Another Bad Creation - Iesha

  • #2: LL Cool J - Around The Way Girl

  • #1: C&C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)