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True crime books, podcasts, and movies about real crimes that involved real people. It is one of the most popular genres of podcasts so there is bound to be one on your shopping list this year. Which means you need some gifts for True Crime lovers.

According to a new Pew Research study, true crime podcasts making up making up 24% of these top-ranked podcasts of 2023. Some popular true crime podcasts are Serial, Someone Knows Something, West Cork, The Podcast On The Left, and more. The research proved that those who love true crime love podcasts that have in-depth reporting. 95% of true crime podcasts use this method in informing their listeners compared to other popular genres such as politics and government, entertainment and pop culture, self-help/advice, and sports podcasts which round out the top five genres. For the other four genres there is a split between in-depth reporting, social commentary, and interviews with specialists in the related field.

The Pew Research study analyzed 451 podcasts to gather its data. They pulled from an average of top 300 daily rankings on Spotify and Apple Podcasts U.S. from April to Sept. 2022.

It’s also not just podcasts either film, television, and books are also popular media that true crime lovers use to learn about stories. A misconception about true crime is that all stories whether it be on a podcast, documentary, or book have to deal with a gruesome murder. A popular true crime documentary that hit Netflix last year was The Tinder Swindler. The documentary followed Simon Leviev (legal name: Shimon Hayut) luxury lifestyle as he deceived single women to be in a relationship with him so that they could send him money to fund all of the glitz and glam that he wanted to again attract more victims.

Whether your true crime lover on your list likes to figure out the mindset of serial killers or enjoys less heinous crimes, you’ll find something on this list to gift the person in mind this holiday season.

Take a look at eight best gifts for the true crime lovers on your list this holiday season below:

  • Murder Mystery Cocktail Book

    This one is for the true crime lover that loves to make a nice cocktail. Mixology and Murder: Cocktails Inspired by Infamous Serial Killers, Cold Cases, Cults, and Other Disturbing True Crime Stories has a mixture of cocktails that you would want to enjoy inspired by true crimes as well as some stories. The book has 75 cocktails waiting for you to serve this holiday season.

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  • Serial Killer Coaster

    What’s better than a regular coaster? A serial killer one. This batch of five cork coasters comes with sketches of popular serial killers over the years. Your friends will get a good laugh out of these when you pass them their drink.

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  • True Crime Cross Stitch Kit

    This gift is perfect for the true crime friend that loves artsy projects. This cross stitch pattern reads: Fueled By Coffee & True Crime Podcasts. The kit comes with everything your gift recipient will need to complete the cross stitch.

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  • Serial Killer Map

    If you’re wondering on where to move to you might want to check out this map first. This is a hand drawn map that has the list of serial killers by state. This will make the perfect decoration for the true crime lover on your list.

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  • True Crime Stickers

    If the true crime lover on your list loves to decorate, this will be a good match for them. The sticker set is perfect to decorate their kindle, notebook, or iPad to give a spooky feel to their items. The sticker set comes with 11 true crime related stickers to choose from.

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  • True Crime Bingo Mug

    Your morning coffee just got interesting. This unique true crime bingo mug is fun game that you can play while you listen to your favorite podcast. The bingo mug includes spaces such as “alibi,” “cold case,” and of course “murder.” Every time you hear someone mention a word on the mug in the podcast or book your reading you must take a sip.

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  • Keith Morrison Of Dateline Socks

    Most people’s introduction to true crime was on the Dateline series hosted by Keith Morrison. The socks have a portrait of Keith Morrison in white with the words “Oh, that pesky DNA.” You can choose between a pair of socks of packs of three to ten pairs of socks.

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  • True Crime Holiday Sweater

    Don’t forget your true crime gear. The shirt comes with a photo of Keith Morrison from Dateline with the line: “It Was a beautiful day… Or was it?” This would be a perfect bundle with the Keith Morrison socks above.

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