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Catch up on topics discussed of the MJ Morning Show! Here’s what we’ve talked about.

Monday, October 25

This woman draped her hair all over the back of a seat of an airplane. See the image here.

Tuesday, October 19

Why is Kanye West wearing this mask? He was spotted wearing it outside the JFK airport.

Monday, October 18

A Wendy’s employee DOUSED a customer in oil… Read the story HERE.

A Subway employee documented himself tampering with toppings. Read the story HERE.

Friday, October 7

A New Jersey man fell 9 stories, landed on top of a BMW, and lived! Pictures and video here.

Thursday, October 6

This mother is facing backlash after her taking her child to her place of work. That place of work? A strip club.


When people get offended that your son is a skripclub baby, but he loves it and is loved #yuma #platinum #skripper #boyswillbeboys #boymom

♬ Pitbull Terrier - Die Antwoord

A methlab was discovered in a luxury condos down in south Florida. You can read the story here.

Thursday, September 23

Contractor wants to get paid.


Tuesday, September 21

Kanye West reportedly bought this house for $57.3 million.

To see the pictures of Phil Collins, click here.

This mom used manipulative tactics on her teenager so she would clean her room.

Monday, September 20

Froggy roasted MJ for this, but it does look good.

This woman claims some “fake” people attended her sister’s wedding.


I hope I gave you the best funeral baby sis . Fly high 🕊 #restinpeace #forever18 #AEJeansHaveFun

♬ you need to leave - m<333

This Louisiana Walmart employee takes the award for Rage Quit of the Year. (Warning: Language)

On to better things.

Posted by Beth Mcgrath on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Have you ever got a bad haircut? This woman says she looks like a Karen. (Warning: Language)

And an actual Karen called 911 after her song got a bad haircut… And the barber captured it on video.


Thursday, September 16

Are razor-cut brows now “in?” See pictures here.

Clearly, the driver can’t do math.

BREAKING: 13-foot RV fails to clear the 9-foot 9-inch railroad trestle >>…+) Missouri State Highway...

Posted by Joplin News First on Monday, September 13, 2021

Wednesday, September 15

You are using your microwave all wrong, according to this viral TikTok.


Tuesday, September 14

This TikToker gives tips on how to catch hidden camera in a hotel room.


Reply to @safarijackza How to find hidden cameras in AirBnBs #safety #travel

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Monday, September 13

A video has gone viral after a sister claims she stole her husband during a job interview.

Friday, September 10

What do you think? Borderline pornographic?

Thursday, September 9

Cindy Crawford recreated the famous Pepsi ad and posted it to her Instagram.

What would you do if you saw this woman in your grocery store?

Worst get-a-way driver ever.

Wednesday, September 8

Oh boy… Did she lose her luggage?

What’s up with these unruly passengers?


This woman was handcuffed and wheeled off a JetBlue flight after refusing to wear a mask. Our flight was delayed 3hrs 🤦🏻‍♀️

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This guy was growling at flight attendants when they tried to remove him from a plane. You can watch the video here.

MJ thinks this video is fake.

Have you seen the pizza blob in the dumpster?

Back in Covington, dominos threw all of their dough in the dumpster, and now it’s growing into a giant, unstoppable...

Posted by Nicole Amstutz on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Friday, September 3

Here’s Debbie Gibson at 51

This is the bacon cooker MJ was talking about earlier.

Is this a red flag?

Thursday, September 2

What happens when you combine the dumbest internet challenge with a popular internet trend?

Wednesday, September 1

Coffin in a Wawa parking lot?


Another woman was caught using a fake vaccine card to get into Hawaii.

JUST IN: Visitor arrested for allegedly presenting a fake vaccination card and failing to comply with quarantine rules....

Posted by Stephanie Lum on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tuesday, August 31

Is it cruel to bring a cow to a fast food place that sells hamburgers?

Cow In Backseat Of Car * Cow In Car At Mcdonalds [Cow cruises through McDonald's drive-thru]

"#CowInBackseatOfCar #CowInCarAtMcdonalds #CowInBackSeatOfCar Cow cruises through McDonald's drive-thru You'd think cows would avoid McDonald's at all cos...

How did a block of raw chicken end up at baggage claim?

Monday, August 30

Applebee’s sales are blowing up because of this song!

Applebee's Teams Up with Country Music Artist Walker Hayes to Celebrate Date Night Across America...

Applebee's Teams Up with Country Music Artist Walker Hayes to Celebrate Date Night Across America with 'Fancy Like' AdMORE INFORMATION: https://www.businessw...

People are saying Al Roker is too old to be doing this. Here’s what he has to say to the haters.

Thursday, August 26

This man stripped to his underwear to mock mask opposition at a school board meeting in Dripping Springs, TX.

James Akers, a parent in Dripping Springs, TX, strips down to his underwear as he sardonically argues against mask opposition during a school board meeting.

Posted by The Recount on Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Wednesday, August 25

Here’s the video of MJ’s dogs going nuts.

This model is embracing her 34-inch thighs. She has a condition known as lipedema. You can see pictures HERE.

The milk crate challenge has exploded! Even an NYPD officer has tried doing it.

NYPD Officer Does The Milk Crate Challenge, Now Tax Payers Will Have To Foot The Bill

This NYPD Officer while on Active Duty trying to do the Milk Crate Challenge gets injured, now the NYC Tax Payers will have to foot the Bill when he goes out...

Tuesday, August 24

Jeff Bezos apparently has his own soft serve ice cream machine in his house. See the picture HERE.

Monday, August 23

Have you seen the milk crate challenge videos?

Funniest Milk Crate Challenge

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Thursday, August 19

This Tesla driver totally ripped his car door clean off.

Tesla model x door gets smashed whilst open

Someone in a Tesla model x forgot to close the rear door and it got smashed off by a bus - north London

Wednesday, August 18

Britney Spears is going topless on her Instagram again. Literally #FreeBritney.

Lady Gaga’s dogwalker is asking for $40,000 to help him on his “journey” months after he was shot for trying to protect Gaga’s dogs.

Are you tuning in?

Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed | Official Trailer | Netflix

Beyond the iconic hair, soothing voice and nostalgic paintings lies a mystery that many have yet to discover.SUBSCRIBE: Netflix:Ne...

Friday, August 13

You gotta see this video of Jay Leno as a wing walker!

The nanny, the father, and the video… Is this appropriate? Video HERE.

Would you wear one of these dresses for dudes? Look at the pictures HERE.

Thursday, August 12

Have you seen this butt shaping device? Check it out here at GymTech.

Two women were kicked off their flight after they demanded an aisle seat and yelled at other passengers. Watch the video HERE.

How did this guy manage to set up a tattoo shop inside a McDonald’s? Watch the report HERE.

Oh man, this car got completely submerged in a sinkhole.

Wednesday, August 11

This is disgusting.

Tuesday, August 10

Bigfoot crashed a birthday party in Oklahoma. Here’s the original video.

That one time we hired Bigfoot Shenanigans for Blaynee Mae’s birthday party and it went epically wrong.

Posted by Brett Brinkley McPherson on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

WATCH: 'Bigfoot' birthday surprise scares Oklahoma partygoers

WATCH: 'Bigfoot' birthday surprise scares Oklahoma partygoers

A driver panicked and drove right into a 7-11. Does this count as a “hit the gas instead of the brake” scenario? See pictures HERE.

Monday, August 9

Oh man, this is the elevator nightmare.

A semi-truck full of deodorant exploded. These things were exploding like fireworks.

Oh boy, just look at the aftermath.

SEMI EXPLOSION: Jeff Morgan KTUL is in Big Cabin where a semi carrying deodorizing cans exploded shortly after 5 this morning.

Posted by NewsChannel 8 - Tulsa on Friday, August 6, 2021



This man allegedly bit off his friend’s after a fight in the Florida Keys. Mugshot HERE.

Friday, August 6

Have you seen the fish with human teeth? Ew.

Here’s the whale video MJ mentioned. Look at that explosion!

The Disastrous exploding Whale of Florence, Oregon

Whale actionThe infamous Exploding Whale of November 1970, when the Oregon Highway Division (now the Oregon Department of Transportation) blew up a decaying ...

Thursday, August 5

This woman learned about the importance of sunscreen the hard way. Pictures HERE.

This man allegedly set fire to an art display in Portland, Oregon. See his mugshot HERE.

A pickup truck slips right off of the boat launch ramp and gets totally submerged in a lake.

Truck slips off boat launch into Lake Springfield

For more on this story, visit Jakob EmersonOriginal Air Date:...

Wednesday, August 4

Is NBC invading Simone Bile’s privacy by showing her FaceTime contact list?

Tuesday, August 3

These two passengers got in a fight over a stuck reclined seat!

Video: Fist fight breaks out between two passengers on flight to Austin from New Orleans

A video captured on an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Austin shows a fist fight that broke out between two passengers on Sunday.

A passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight had to be duct taped after he allegedly groped the breasts of two female flight attendants. Video is HERE.

Monday, August 2

This man got punched in the face while waiting in line at a gas station. He apparently told the suspect to “back up.” Watch the video HERE.

How do you feel about MTV’s new Moon Person?

This woman might have the world record for largest mouth in the world.

Here’s the TikTok that went viral.

This man got punched in the face while waiting in line at a gas station. He apparently told the suspect to “back up.” Watch the video HERE.

Why is TMZ reporting on a NutriBullet lawsuit?

Here’s David Rush breaking the world record for balancing chairs on his chin.

Most Chairs Balanced on Chin - World Record

David Rush reclaims the World Records Title for most chairs balanced on the chin on the Huckabee Show with 15 after it was broken on Britain's Got Talen 2019...