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Rhino Poachers Killed By Lions

Talk about Karma coming back to get you. Officials at a South African wildlife reserve report that a group of  hunters out to kill protected rhinos were eaten by a pride of lions after the poachers broke into a protected reserve. Apparently protected by the ravenous lions. The Herald reports that Nick Fox, owner of…

Florida: You Never Know What You'll See

We live in a state filled with beautiful natural scenery and wildlife. So it's always a joy to see some of our indigenous creatures going about their day. Here is some video of a young armadillo couple out for an early evening bite to eat together. I took this video last night (7/9) as I…

Twitter Poll: Do You Agree With KISS?

Take this Twitter poll: At a recent concert, KISS stopped the shop to slam those in the NFL who do not stand for the National Anthem. Do YOU stand with KISS on this issue? — Q105 (@MyQ105) July 9, 2018

Problems With DirecTV?

Are You Having Problems With Your DirecTV? For the past two weeks, thousands of DirecTV customers have been experiencing satellite and DVR problems. What happens is that shows recorded on a customer's Genie DVR will suddenly disappear. A total reboot of the system's DVR is the only way to retrieve your recorded shows. Problem is,…