Here’s a delivery that was either trying to get there too fast, or won’t be there anytime soon.

A McLaren was totaled and left on the side of the road

More stories you’ve heard us talk about on the show…

Does this look comfy on the floor of the Q105 studio?

Festers Son In Q105 Studio

Fester’s son in the Q105 studio on a dog bed.

Unbelievable mugshot: 66-year-old woman arrested for allegedly murdering and burning her husband. Here’s the full story, but look at her picture!

Woman kicked off flight because of her 22 pound breasts

Awesome mugshot: Alabama woman crashes a tractor-trailer into a mobile home. She’s been in jail on a count of attempted murder, among other charges, in Calhoun County, Alabama. See the story and mugshot here on

Florida Man: Truck driver plows into Haines City shopping center, says “I was smoking my meth pipe”.

MJ always has a portable carbon monoxide detector, and he recommends you get one. Here’s an example of the one he has.

A house was left abandoned in the middle of the street in Iberia Parish, Louisiana

THIS man arrested for hit and run. This might not be his favorite mugshot.

The brooms are for the Tampa Bay Lightning sweep of the Stinkin’ Panthers. Fester says MJ’s brooms are disgusting.

Mother says there’s no difference between watching her kids while drinking wine or smoking marijuana

Creepiest pedicure ever! Eyeball pedicure… Click here for the full story!

Kim Kardashian without makeup… Check out the link below from What do you think?

A woman was berated for hoarding baby formula in a store, clearing out the shelf

Click here for the full story and video

A water tower in Kingsland, the birthplace of Johnny Cash, became a sight to see. There’s an image of the famous early resident of Kingsland, and someone shot a hole in the tower. The hole was right in the ‘crotch’ of the singer’s image, allowing a large stream of water to flow from the water tower.
Click here for the full story from Fox 10 Phoenix.


Teacher turned in for having relationship with underage student in Pennsylvania… was turned in by her own husband.

[Source: NY Post]