A smirk on the face of a teen in her mugshot after losing a piece of her ear in a fight

A Pennsylvania man allegedly stole from a Weis market. Apparently, his own photo was on one of the cakes he is accused of stealing.

Milla Sofia is a social influencer who has over 100,000 followers. However, there’s something wrong. Check out a story about her and what is not real about her. Below is a picture of Milla from Twitter.

How fast was that boat going?

This mug shot. Need we say more?

Is this the snack you didn’t know you wanted?

The side-by-side images of Roxanne and Fester

As I wrote on Instagram, “Featured car of the day seen on I-275 (Howard Frankland Bridge). I spotted this gem driving home from today’s @mjmorningshow. The driver’s door is so jacked, it won’t even close! Let me be clear, this car was driven at highway speed in the right lane. It is NOT parked in the shoulder.”

Kim Kardashian took an photo, and in the background, there’s a shape in the window that has her freaking out. Click here to see the photo.

Yes? No? Are these shorts just plain wrong?

MJ recommends getting this portable carbon monoxide detector for home or whenever you travel. Below is the model, though this link is to Amazon.com.

It’s always good to see a friendly alligator. Perhaps he’s friends with Lyle…

Are these the Nikes you’d like to wear? Click here to see the ISPA Mindbody shoes

A contestant injures his shoulder while celebrating a win on ‘The Price Is Right’. He then needs a stand-in for the big wheel.

MJ loves a good story that includes Four Loko, public nudity and Dollar General

Man creates Indiana Jones-style booby traps in what used to be his home

In what part of the world do they eat corn this way?

Shorty Shane was interviewed about what appeared to be a home invasion in his neighborhood

Who lets their kid plank across seats on a flight?

Fester had an issue on the road

Who makes barbed wire bats?

Was this just a ghost story? Either way, here’s his mugshot

When you get locked out of the cockpit

A pair of scissors were find inside a man when scanned during booking

A 400-year-old painting shows what people say is a Nike swoosh on a shoe

A sheriff’s wife drove a Tesla through a house in Sonoma County

Would this fool you?

A bride is being blasted for the dress she wore to her wedding. You can see pics here, and a quick glimpse in the video below.


A Kim Kardashian look-alike from Only Fans died following plastic surgery. You can find stories about her here from NYPost or here from ET Online.


 These videos were taken by Fester in a Lakeland park. Click the links to open the videos on Facebook.

Video 2: Cat-person

Posted by MJ Morning Show on Tuesday, May 9, 2023


Video 1 Cat-person

Posted by MJ Morning Show on Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Mugshot of hotel manager accused of toe sucking

A load of pasta dumped in New Jersey.


Two female passengers were expected to change their outfits at an airport gate.

Click here to see the mugshot of the woman who stole thousands of dollars in Victoria’s Secret underwear

How big is this guy’s head?

What can we say that this mugshot doesn’t?

Does it get much creepier than this?

“Narcotics impairment” can be explained by the man having taken some sort of substance. The white substance, however, may still be a little mystery

When sent to MJ Mystery Merch, four maps were given to the show-one for each member. Fester’s ended up being tossed into a dumpster. It was spotted (and rescued) from its resting place

A puppy was tossed over a fence at a Humane Society of Tampa Bay facility.

Sheriff Chad Chronister spoke to MJ about his experience with a collision. The Sheriff was there to provide assistance with the kids who were in one of the cars

She looks so ‘perfect’ that people believe she’s had work done to her face, or that she’s actually a doll. What do you think?



This “hot” officer was spotted in New York during Donald Trump’s arraignment

West Virginia family introduced as the Whittakers, the most inbred family.

America’s most inbred family

Woman accused of shoplifting resisted arrest at Nordstrom in Oregon. She bit off a piece of the ear of a loss prevention officer. Is she cute?

When did these arrows begin popping up on roads all over the Tampa area?


(Photo courtesy of MJ/BBGI)

MJ saw another pickup on I-275 loaded with no tailgate to protect the stuff inside. What were you thinking? If something falls off, you could cause an accident.

Can anyone explain why he had a pink face? See the full story on TheSmokingGun.com

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeffrey Dahmer wear the same glasses. Click for full story from Daily Mail.

Caller Allysa can’t seem to find a guy

MJ’s broken chair

MJ and Michelle out for dinner…

This woman allegedly pulled a gun at a McDonalds over a menu item

Photos from cabbage bowling with Shorty Shane

Balenciaga is offering a ballcap for $360? What makes it so special? It’s been destroyed by a laser. Check the hat out here.

How big is big enough?

'My lips are still not big enough and I want them much bigger'

Posted by Daily Mail on Friday, February 24, 2023

Don’t do this…

Now the whole ordeal is bringing threats to the school.

Latest image of Canadian shop teacher outside dressed as a man

Real? Really?

This teacher is making a mockery of the situation

Parents, are you familiar with this toy?

One of a limited edition balloon sculptures. Can’t they make more?

It’s been there for nearly 40 years

You have to click on the Twitter link to see these fantastic mugshots

Does her hand look a little… long?

The big red boots on WWE

More images of those weird big red boots

A hand blocked the screen in front of MJ on a recent flight…

Machine Gun Kelly has been rumored to be spending some time away from Megan Fox to be with guitarist Sophie Lloyd. See who she is here.

An unfortunate McDonald’s ad for the McCrispy was posted in a bad location

FedEx liked a photo MJ took over Tampa Bay with one of their planes flying over

Mother-in-law accused of stealing $6,000 from daughter-in-law

This 24-year-old has one normal leg, and one not-quite-so-normal

Apparently it’s not just an urban legend

Take this advice… don’t make fun of the school janitor

A man threatened to blow up a courthouse… and eat the sheriff…

Roxanne’s dress/robe that is so comfortable!

Roxanne Pic Robe

Roxanne’s robe will become a new part of her dress rotation. It’s so comfortable!
(Photo courtesy of Roxanne/BBGI)

80’s children will know the reference…

These used ‘EarPods’ were in a box that was purchased by a friend of MJ’s from a store

MJ Salt and Pepper Shakers

(Photo by MJ/BBGI)

MJ finds her to be beautiful, but doesn’t want to anger his wife by talking about her…


How common is this?

A Canadian school board has come up with a dress code to try to handle this situation


This coach is in trouble for the way he disciplined his students

MJ’s ski beard… should it stay or should it go?

MJ's Ski Beard

(Photo by Roxanne/BBGI)

Does she really need this much protection

A Tom Brady superfan says her breasts grew when she drank her dad’s beer while sunbathing naked

Four arrested for robbing and terrorizing elderly woman while wearing clown masks

The nose grows during pregnancy?

Two arsonists try to set a building on fire. They also set themselves on fire, and it’s caught on a Ring security camera. Click here to see the video.

Two tattooed face stories: One of a man who’s face is tattooed in his mugshot. The second, a woman who is having her face tattoos removed.

Tattooed guy arrested. Click here for the full story

Allan Scott McCray - Hernando County Sheriff

Photo by Hernando County Sheriff

A woman whose tattooed face hit the news when she was arrested in 2018 has completed a drug rehab is having her tattoos removed

‘Cousin Eddie’ themed Christmas display earns 911 call from neighbor

Click here to see the dog that was dyed yellow to look like Pikachu from Pokemon

Is this individual making a mockery of the school?

Is the school right?

What do you think about her $7,500 jacket?

Man arrested in for throwing Christmas Tree at his wife


The MJ Morning Show Christmas photo 2022

MJ Morning Show Christmas Photo

A Zillow.com listing has a series of images that show the house. Take a look, and you’ll see some photos in the kitchen. It has a feature that most kitchens don’t offer. We can’t figure out why. Check it out here.

A thief reportedly left behind panties after stealing nearly $2,300 from a business in Fruitland Park.

What has happened to Simon Cowell’s face?

Unbelievable image of a thief stealing purses from Burlington in Miami

Wildwood Woman tried to flee cops in a Toyota Corolla. It appears she didn’t have a valid license.

Wide Neck meets Long Neck

A rat was caught inside Froggy’s house

Rat in Trap - Froggy's House

35-year-old Charles McDowell, A.K.A. “Wide Neck” has again been arrested

A Southwest Airlines pilot stretched out the window of the plane to retrieve a passenger’s phone that had been left behind in a terminal

This bike was traveling across the Howard Frankland Bridge. You should never ride a bike on the bridge.

Guy Riding Bike On Howard Frankland


Cheetos Flaming Hot Roll

(Image Courtesy of MJ/BBGI)

From The Villages News, a man was accused of groping inside an ice cream shop.

A woman in Pennsylvania is afraid to go to sleep after seeing a ghost knock over her baby. Click here to see on Foxnews.com.

A woman on a first date with a guy stole his pickup. It became the date from hell.

Sure, let’s dress up the police horses. It may have been a funny thing to do, but someone should have noticed the resemblance to some other hooded groups.

A woman received lots of vulgar texts after posting an ad on Facebook to sell an item of clothing.

A man driving without tires on two of his rims was arrested, according to CBS12. Man blamed paranormal activity, threatened to skin an arresting officer.

A car was ‘damaged’ in the parking lot of a Disney theme park. Whoever hit the car left a note. Insidethemagic.com posted the story.

KOMO News in Washington state showed video of a would-be thief who knocked himself out running into a window

MJ and Michelle at a friend’s Halloween party

The Smoking Gun: Arrested in his Halloween costume

TheSmokingGun.com brought us these eyes.

A “Karen” Halloween decoration had to be removed

A woman was told her clothes at work were inappropriate

MJ’s wife Michelle returned a rental car next to this.

Car Picture

A fire at a Texas pumpkin patch destroyed 73 cars

What is this gift that was given to Roxanne?

Gift to Roxanne

Gift to Roxanne 2

Froggy was at dinner recently with his family, and someone left a dent in his car door in the parking lot.

Car ding 2

Car ding 3

Car ding 1

Heidi Klum posed with her 18-year-old daughter.


Buzzfeed News has a story of a woman who kissed her date goodnight got a gift of… an allergic reaction. He apparently had eaten shrimp earlier in the day, and she reacted with swollen lips.

Does this painting (from 1860) of a woman show her holding something that looks like a wireless phone? This image, along with many other pictures and paintings may show time travelers. Check them out at New York Post. Do you think they are time travelers?

A listing on Zillow.com features images of a New Hampshire house. If you scroll through the photos, you’ll get a good idea what the home looks like. It will become more and more apparent as you get through the photos.


On Twitter, a clip showing the change in Ft. Myers Beach at Gulfview Colony

Roxanne’s daughter loves to draw. Here’s one of the budding artist’s pieces of work. MJ is asking what that is drawn on the chest.

Roxanne's daughter's artwork

Someday we’ll be seeing her work in galleries.
(Photo courtesy of Roxanne/BBGI)

A woman outside a donut shop was caught on camera waving a gun around.

Unbelievable mess on I-75 with beer cases thrown everywhere!

Twins from “The Shining” waited in the queue to see the Queen’s coffin

From stltoday.com, a man was sentenced for a threat he made while in the character of Batman’s Joker.

A tattoo artist creates realistic bruises and scars

A talented artist makes them look so real you might not know it’s artwork.

Alec Baldwin’s daughter was sent to school wearing makeup. You can see how she looked here. Is this too young for makeup?

We had expected Froggy to fly in Monday night so he could be here for Tuesday’s show. Of course, it got cancelled. Froggy stayed the night at the airport in Indianapolis

Froggy's Couch

This is the spot where Froggy got some sleep because his flight got cancelled.
(Photo by Froggy)

Tailgaters at game in Miami cause fire that burns up 11 cars

A woman was arrested for dining and dashing from a Perkins. Here are her mugshots from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. in The Villages

Tara Leigh Clutter 43 Ocala - Lake County Sheriffs Office

Tara Leigh Clutter, 43, of Ocala

Tara Leigh Clutter 43 Ocala - Lake County Sheriffs Office 2

Tara Leigh Clutter, 43, Ocala – Lake County Sheriffs Office 2

MJ thinks Roxanne had an accident. She said it’s water.

Roxanne Wet

Did Roxanne have an accident???

MJ and Fester saw this creature on their way in this morning. They’re not completely sure what it was. Take a look. What do you think they saw?

Kim Kardashian posed in front of a flag with her rear hanging out. In contrast to Fester, Kim’s large behind is hanging out, and other than that, you may not recognize her. She appears to have had some work done to her face and hair. Click here to see the image on NYPost.com.

Yes, we spoke about it. MJ talked about it in depth. The photo. The photo of Fester. The image of Fester unclothed (from behind). We couldn’t put the image on our website. We were forced to take it down. Some who saw it would like to say this: you just can’t unsee it. We won’t try posting the image on our site again. You’re welcome. However, if you would like to see it, you can click here to find it on MJ’s Instagram. If you look, don’t hold us responsible for the nightmares you may have. You’ve been warned.

Elementary school art teacher in New Jersey dresses inappropriately, draws criticism. Click here for the full story.

MJ’s Instagram page filled up with photos and videos over the weekend:

At Pepo’s in St. Petersburg, MJ bumped into a man who he had last crossed paths with 27 years before

While at Bern’s with his family, MJ decided to embarrass his daughter, Chloe

MJ took his son Julian to get his hair cut and re-set the radio to Q105, and needed to fix the antenna

A teacher posted to Reddit an image of her students’ homework. It was after the teacher’s dog shredded most of it. Click here to see the image.

A woman enjoyed the day at a family water park wearing a thong swimsuit. Some found it to be outrageous. What do you think? Click here to see the video.

Andrew Duncan visited the MJ Morning Show to talk about his image with a bullet hole between the eyes. Andrew is a sponsor of the MJ Morning Show with the Duncan Duo.

Andrew Duncan - Bullet Hole

Mugshot of a man who was arrested for illegally purchasing body parts

Click here to see the arrest report from the East Pennsboro Township Police Department

More stories you’ve heard us talk about on the show

MJ took this picture of a woman with a dog inside Publix. First, was it creepy that he took the picture? Second, is it ok to have a dog inside Publix?

MJ bought a cup of lemonade at a nearby stand.

MJ saw this hazard on the Howard Frankland Bridge

Fester said the guys from “Sanford and Son” would be proud.

French Bulldogs for how much??

MJ saw this pickup with a load that could have fallen out all over

MJ and family in France

Florida Man allegedly stole a tiki torch from a bar, walked with it down sidewalk.

Click here for the full story about the Jeep Wagoneer here.

Burger King customer claims to have found something in her chicken fries

A girl with a huge arm explains her condition

Tape Bikinis were worn on display at Miami Swim Week show. Everything was covered…


Stumpy the Lucky Leg

Stumpy the Lucky Leg

The prosthetic leg that made it cool to have a prosthetic leg!

Judge has amazing patience! You have to listen to this exchange between a judge and the plaintiff.

This just has to deal with a case that doesn’t belong in his court. However, explaining this to the plaintiff isn’t so simple.

A woman took a photo of lightning that appeared to be coming out of a rainbow

Here’s an amazing video of a furious RV driver

The situation was this: the driver got into a tight place where the RV was incapable of making a turn. It was all caught on video. Click here to watch the video.

Roxanne’s Outfit of the Day

Roxanne's Outfit

This is the outfit Roxanne wore today, and she took some fashion criticism from Fester.

You won’t believe what it looks like inside THIS house that’s listed on Zillow.com

Naked man on a truck on I-75 in Sarasota

Butterfly string bikini “Butterfly Babe Thong 2 Piece Bikini” is only $11.99, but is sold out… We do not want MJ wearing this.

The greatest cookies ever, modeled by MJ’s wife Michelle

Here’s a delivery that was either trying to get there too fast, or won’t be there anytime soon.

A McLaren was totaled and left on the side of the road

Does this look comfy on the floor of the Q105 studio?

Festers Son In Q105 Studio

Fester’s son in the Q105 studio on a dog bed.

Unbelievable mugshot: 66-year-old woman arrested for allegedly murdering and burning her husband. Here’s the full story, but look at her picture!

Woman kicked off flight because of her 22 pound breasts


Awesome mugshot: Alabama woman crashes a tractor-trailer into a mobile home. She’s been in jail on a count of attempted murder, among other charges, in Calhoun County, Alabama. See the story and mugshot here on lawandcrime.com.

Florida Man: Truck driver plows into Haines City shopping center, says “I was smoking my meth pipe”.

MJ always has a portable carbon monoxide detector, and he recommends you get one. Here’s an example of the one he has.

A house was left abandoned in the middle of the street in Iberia Parish, Louisiana

THIS man arrested for hit and run. This might not be his favorite mugshot.

The brooms are for the Tampa Bay Lightning sweep of the Stinkin’ Panthers. Fester says MJ’s brooms are disgusting.

Mother says there’s no difference between watching her kids while drinking wine or smoking marijuana

Creepiest pedicure ever! Eyeball pedicure… Click here for the full story!

Kim Kardashian without makeup… Check out the link below from Page6.com. What do you think?


A woman was berated for hoarding baby formula in a store, clearing out the shelf

Click here for the full story and video

A water tower in Kingsland, the birthplace of Johnny Cash, became a sight to see. There’s an image of the famous early resident of Kingsland, and someone shot a hole in the tower. The hole was right in the ‘crotch’ of the singer’s image, allowing a large stream of water to flow from the water tower.
Click here for the full story from Fox 10 Phoenix.


Teacher turned in for having relationship with underage student in Pennsylvania… was turned in by her own husband.

[Source: NY Post]

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