You won’t believe this video clip. According to, injuries were minor

Will Robinson, Jr. reads names into the record.

An Amazon delivery man performed a delivery to the location of a police standoff

Gunman outside of Mons Venus stopped and tackled by security guards

MJ’s son Julian in Sardo’s Trans Am

A meteorologist faints during a live broadcast

Carson Briere, son of Philadelphia Flyers interim GM Daniel Briere, is caught on video doing this:

Russian aircraft dump fuel and hit American drone over the Black Sea

Video of thieves at Tampa area supermarkets stealing from customers

During a magic show on a cruise, a magician was attacked by a man from the crowd. The magician was doing a trick with a member of the audience at the time.

MJ is greeted by someone when he gets inside the office

Woman falls while stomping grapes… Classic video

Another classic fail… QVC demonstrates a ladder

Kendall Jenner dress

This outfit at Paris Fashion Week on a runway is on fire!

Prank – Covering everything in the kitchen with Peanut Butter

A rat hangs from the ceiling at The Cheesecake Factory in Aventura, Florida

Woman attacked at a gym

Is this a good omen or a bad omen? At least they’re laughing.


Bride gets pooped on during Vows!! This is good luck right?? #weddingtik #weddingvows #goodluck #birdpoop

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Woman plays ‘demolition derby’ in a California parking lot

1. The mullet. 2. On a streaker 3. The belly flop

A little girl got her head stuck in a cake pan

Reporter Evan Lambert being arrested during a press conference in Ohio


MJ’s wife Michelle holds a goat at the Dancing Goat farm

Just try to be considerate at the airport… or do this…

Scary moment when a boulder crashes through a house in Hawai’i

Patti Playtime doll has hair that disintegrated when we touched it.

Eagles fans in Philly….’nuff said.

Roxanne says she enjoys relaxing to these sort of ASMR videos

A strange stoppage of play at a college basketball game… was this a stunt?

An arrest was made in the attempted kidnapping of a barista according to KIRO in Seattle, Washington

On Patrol Live on Reelz opened their show Saturday night with this story about a child with a loaded handgun

A reporter suffered a health scare live on TV

Doing a standing backflip may not get you out of a DUI charge

MJ’s recreation of the TV spot for Chevrolet’s EV

Chloe loves the easy access to a the tub

Woman’s tirade goes viral after screaming at gate agent (from 2019)

Roxanne was working a cramp from her thigh

Roxanne was gettin’ after it today!

Posted by MJ Morning Show on Thursday, September 22, 2022

Here’s a new bed that can protect you in case of an earthquake

A grandmother was exhumed 10 years after she passed. Here’s the full story.

A college volleyball player went all out to save a ball during a game. She dove over a table. Enjoy the video!

Man upset about Mexico being eliminated from World Cup play took it out on the TV

NHTSA PSA for car seats. Snot. There. We said it.

Courteous criminal apologizes while running from Brevard deputies


A Frontier passenger had to pay $100 despite the bag he has fits in the template. Then, he’s told to apologize

Not very safe for work. We think it’s fake, but here’s the video of a Zoom call where someone was doing something on camera…

Don’t leave grandma’s wheelchair without the brakes on in the driveway!

NSFW (Very not safe for work!) This fight between a mother and daughter has some language that is not censored. Also, it’s a fight. Be careful playing this video clip.

An aggressive wedding cake smash video makes this guy look pretty bad. What do you think?


It’s official we’re mr and mrs price❤️🥰 he got me back for doing it to him good and propa🙈🤣 love my arsehole of a husband all the world🤣🥰❤️ #fyp #fypシ #married #couplecomedy #funny #marriedlife #wedding

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Not sure how this happened… but it did.

Fester saves his son’s Halloween costume. Do not try this at home!

Idiot Fester Saves Halloween

Posted by MJ Morning Show on Saturday, October 29, 2022

Waynesboro, Georgia, McDonald’s has an irate customer throwing everything he can reach in the drive-thru window.

While calling a college football game between South Carolina and Texas A&M, the SEC Network showed a camera shot of corn dogs for sale in the stadium. Announcers Jordan Rodgers and Tom Hart enjoyed the sight, possibly not remembering they were live on TV. Jordan Rodgers made the comment in the video below:

Roxanne hits a golf ball at a driving range… and hits something with it!

Roxanne Wilder golf shot hits someone

Roxanne Wilder swings and the ball goes flying! Oops!

Activists in Scotland pour out milk in a store


Madonna posted a video to her Instagram. Would you recognize her?

Crazy video of a woman driving a car with three wheels. It happened in Orange County, California

Here’s the story as it appeared in the news on CBS Los Angeles

Cel phone video of a tackle made by security at Raymond James Stadium when a ‘juvenile’ ran on the field during the Buccaneers game against the Falcons

A bonfire at Bay County High School did not go as planned.

Mosley High School Bonfire Explosion - ORIGINAL VIDEO

An explosion inside a bonfire was not part of the festivities at Mosley High School's Homecoming. District leaders said the explosion was caused from inside ...

Pinellas County Sheriff’s helicopter footage of stolen Maserati crash

A crane fell onto a car in New York City

When it’s your first time pumping gas, maybe someone should be there guiding you through it. This could become a dangerous mess

Man walks out onto field during LSU game

A woman was attacked for not wearing a bra?

The driver of a Tesla was recorded seemingly fast asleep in his car on the Queen Elizabeth Highway

In Brooksville, a security camera caught an amazing, though sad or disturbing, video. A woman went airborne in a Prius. You can click here for the full story.

Deadly Brooksville crash

A neighbor's security camera recorded the moments leading up to a crash that killed the driver of a Prius in Brooksville. Florida troopers say no one else was in the car and those inside the home were unharmed. Story:

Posted by FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay on Wednesday, September 7, 2022

A player tossed a ball to a little girl at a Washington Nationals game. Some jerk came over and snagged the ball away from the kid.

Roxanne performs a handstand, and just before, a mysterious orb moves through the hallway.


Man has allegedly drunken rant on plane. Tells where he works, but now no longer works for that company. The video is filled with expletives and is NOT SAFE FOR WORK


MJ and Fester went to Krispy Kreme for their new ice cream. Here’s what happened

A man allegedly threw gas and lit it inside a gas station. He was reportedly upset about the cigar he had purchased and tried to return. Click here for the full story from

A rabid fox attacked an Ithica, NY, woman in her yard

An elderly driver in Braintree, Massachusetts, drove onto the second level of a mall

Okay, we don’t have any real explanation on why this happened, but a man exited a vehicle in Van Nuys sans clothes

MJ’s daughter Chloe torments her dad with an imitation of ‘Love Island USA’


Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallows bee during press conference


Fight at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport


When a baseball player slides into a base and his cell phone flies out of his pocket….

View of plane crash from the ground, rear view camera


Alternate views of the crash, escaping the plane

Video may include sound of Anne Heche hitting the house

More videos you’ve heard us talk about on the show this week…

Someone caught a wreck on video, while MJ was playing in the car… we’re not suggesting it was MJ’s fault (It happened about 1:16 into the video)

When a CNBC show had a guest from home, real life happened. Her dogs began barking during the segment, and then someone, probably her husband, walked by in his underwear!

Footage of man trying to break display glass at Kay Jewelers

A couple of big waves crashed over a wedding party in Hawai’i

MJ’s live video from the closure of 4th Street North at I-275

Toddler cursing at and hitting cops in Minnesota

No Title

No Description

Man attacks with bear spray in California road rage incident

A Vice Mayor gets warning for speeding, then tells the officer to find something else to do (but not so politely)

How Mike Davis keeps people from sitting next to him on flights


How to keep seats open next to you on a flight 😂

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Anchor Heather Kovar of CBS affiliate in Albany, New York, seemed to have some sort of issue during her Saturday night report, slurring her words through her broadcast

A fireworks accident caught on a home camera

MJ’s dog Gatsby had an incident with a bufo toad

Lightning strikes truck on I-75 in Tampa

One of the greatest news interviews ever!

As posted in, the wedding celebration that caught fire

MJ posted an Instagram live of his trip across the bay in Fester’s car with nearly no gas

MJ’s dog Scout scrolling through MJ’s computer

Passengers evacuating plane in Miami


ONLY in DADE on Instagram: "Just in.. Plane on fire at MIA #ONLYinDADE @fernan_0329"

24K Likes, 463 Comments - ONLY in DADE (@onlyindade) on Instagram: "Just in.. Plane on fire at MIA #ONLYinDADE @fernan_0329"

Truck carrying van hits overpass

Full story from NY Post

Shorty Shane has the stash of baby formula…

Need to catch a cat?

A woman was airing out her dirty laundry on a flight. She had alcohol spilled on her, and she was trying to dry her thong by waving it in front of the air vent on a flight.

Click here to see the full video from the NY Post.


This video clip from Duluth, Georgia, shows what happens when you leave a car on train tracks.

There was a warning from Riverside, California, of the dangers of balloons near power lines. Watch the video and see just how the power lines react to mylar balloons… it’s shocking… electrifying… explosive!