MJ posted an Instagram live of his trip across the bay in Fester’s car with nearly no gas

More videos you’ve heard us talk about on the show this week…

MJ’s dog Scout scrolling through MJ’s computer

Passengers evacuating plane in Miami


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Truck carrying van hits overpass

Full story from NY Post

Shorty Shane has the stash of baby formula…

Need to catch a cat?

A woman was airing out her dirty laundry on a flight. She had alcohol spilled on her, and she was trying to dry her thong by waving it in front of the air vent on a flight.

Click here to see the full video from the NY Post.


This video clip from Duluth, Georgia, shows what happens when you leave a car on train tracks.

There was a warning from Riverside, California, of the dangers of balloons near power lines. Watch the video and see just how the power lines react to mylar balloons… it’s shocking… electrifying… explosive!