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Common Social Etiquette Rules That Need The Boot

Some people have that one social etiquette rule they'd gladly toss out the window. When you really think about it, a lot of these rules are a bit ridiculous, from "don't slurp your soup" to the classic "who pays on a date." Someone took to Reddit and asked "What’s a common social etiquette rule you just don’t agree with?" People online are talking about the etiquette rules that need the boot. Common Social Etiquette Rules That Have Worn Out Their Welcome Some of these “rules” get really specific. Someone said, “Not taking the last piece of food on a sharing platter. The number of times I’ve seen a perfectly good piece of garlic bread go cold and get thrown away…” I get it. Someone has to take the last piece eventually, so why let it go to waste? Another person said, “I have NEVER understood why people are afraid to tell someone else they have food in their teeth or something on their face.” So, basically, playing the politeness card by not calling attention to something that could turn awkward, especially if it's a quick fix. One person chimed in with their rule of thumb for this particular rule. They said that if it's something they can do something about in like 15 seconds, tell them, otherwise ignore it. For example, tell someone that they have food in their teeth, or their fly is down because those are usually easy to fix. But don't tell someone they missed a spot straightening their hair or that there's a stain on their sleeve because there’s not much a person can do about it at that moment. Sometimes, it’s okay to follow the rule of “some things are better left unsaid” in certain cases. But this person may be onto something. They said, “I despise that it's more socially acceptable to BE an a--hole than it is to call someone out for being an a--hole.” A person mentioned a social etiquette rule that hit me right in the feels. They mentioned people who expect an immediate text or call back as if they’re entitled to your time. Someone pointed out that the “Respect your elders” rule needs to go. “Sorry, a lot of my elders are disrespectful,” they said. YIKES! If you need more, then take a look at the complete threaddit common social etiquette rules that have worn out their welcome here.

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