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A Florida Man Tries To Hide Gun In Toilet Paper

In one of the most "A Florida Man" stories as they come, a 26 year old guy from Lakeland figured no one would notice his gun if he hid it in TP. The Department of Justice says Abraham Othman Yacoub tried to get on a flight from Tapma to Las Vegas with a LOADED gun wrapped in toilet paper. The incident happened last summer but we're just now hearing about the details from the Department of Justice. In August, they say Yacoub went through the security screening at Tampa International Airport. The screeners saw the gun. It was a Glock 19. But before they could pull the bag, they say Yacoub grabbed the bag from the conveyor belt and ran off with it. Before officers were able to get to him and the bag with the gun, according to the press release, the Lakeland man went to a Tampa International terminal bathroom. Here's where this truly becomes one of those "A Florida Man" stories. In the bathroom stall, they say he wrapped the gun in toilet paper and tossed it in the trash. Was his plan to go back for it? We'll never know. Fortunately that didn't happen. According to the DOJ, he then left the men's room. At that point, Yacoub went back to the TSA screening area. Maybe there were still items he hadn't removed from the conveyor belt since he took off in a rush? When TSA officers confronted Yacoub, they say he denied having a gun. The terminal was evacuated and they say it caused numerous flight delays at TPA. [caption id="attachment_478187" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] File photo of a Glock 19, similar to the one TSA officers saw at TPA. [/caption] The scariest part of the story is once they went back and found the weapon in the trash in a handicap stall, they found over a dozen rounds of ammo loaded in the gun. Yacoub is now facing 20 years in federal prison. His sentencing date hasn't been set yet. According to the Department of Justice, Yacoub has pleaded guilty to both violating airport security requirements and attempted possession of a dangerous weapon on an aircraft. [select-listicle listicle_id="469922" syndication_name="7-things-that-suck-about-tampa-international-airport" description="no"]

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