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3 Macaroni & Cheese Spots That Will Knock Your Socks Off

When it comes to macaroni and cheese, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Sure, you can load up a couple of boxes of Spongebob Kraft macaroni and cheese and call it a day, but sometimes you just need that extra kick. Here are 3 Tampa Bay Macaroni & Cheese Spots That Will Knock Your Socks Off. I'm not hating on the Speciality Kraft Spongebob and Scooby-Doo Macaroni & Cheese. That's the best macaroni you can find off the shelf, but sometimes you just have to scratch the itch for a local craving. I was looking through a local Facebook group the other day when someone asked everyone to chime in and give their favorite macaroni & cheese spots in New Port Richey.  So, we looked at some of the suggestions and decided which Tampa Bay Macaroni & Cheese spots locals loved the most. Many of these are closer to the New Port Richey area but offer some serious flavor and combos. Tampa Bay Macaroni & Cheese Spots That Will Knock Your Socks Off Macaroni & Cheese can be different depending on where you’re at in the country. In Florida, mac & cheese is usually one of the best dishes coming out of any BBQ joint around Tampa Bay.  The people of Tampa Bay came to the rescue chiming in with tons of different local options, but there were a few that claimed top cheese. Keep in mind, we did not try all of these and these are suggestions by the Tampa Bay locals. 3rd Place Coming in hot for 3rd place, this Tampa Bay Macaroni & Cheese Option is The Social NPR. The Social NPR is an upbeat American food and drink spot serving up some wild dishes. A little different from the other options, The Social offers Mac N Cheese bites, burgers with mac, as well as traditional Macs. Their Mac Attack is homemade 3 cheese macaroni ringing in at $10, but here’s the catch. You can add BBQ Pulled pork, Buffalo Chicken with blue cheese crumbles and buffalo sauce, Thai Chicken Style (bacon, cheddar, sweet thai sauce), or Korean steak with Yaki sauce for $8 extra. Their Goudzilla Burger is one hefty sandwich. You get a burger piled high with Fried gouda mac n cheese, smoked gouda, bacon, ranch, romaine, tomato, onion, and pickles. Sounds like a one-way ticket on the Kohler Express if you ask me, but 100% worth it. Now, the Gouda Mac N Cheese Bites are the kicker. You get fried gouda mac n cheese with ranch. Simple, yet effective. 2nd Place In second, we have Steamworks Pub. Steamworks Pub was one of the top suggestions for Tampa Bay Macaroni & Cheese.  Steamworks Pub doesn’t just serve it up one way, they come in hot with 3 different styles. Their Buffalo Mac comes loaded down with buffalo chicken mixed in with the house mac N cheese. It’s sprinkled with a light blue cheese and rings in at $13. The Pulled Pork Mac is served up with bourbon BBQ-sauced pulled pork on top of a nice smoked gouda, house Mac N Cheese, and onion straws for $12. Now, for the double feature, the Pizza Mac. Served up with their house Mac N Cheese (made with their cheese blend) topped with the pizza blend of pepperoni, salami, marinara, black olives, mushrooms, onions and peppers. That’s the move. 1st Place For the top dog, the people went with Hershel’s Scratch Kitchen. Hershel’s was named over and over and saw the most amount of interactions with people chiming in “second this”. So, what makes Hershel’s some of the best spots for Tampa Bay Macaroni & Cheese? Well, their macaroni & cheese comes served up in a cast iron skillet. You know it’s going to be creamy and hot with those extra tidbits of flavor added in on top. Check out the photo below. Overall, these were the top 3 Tampa Bay Macaroni spots suggested on the post. A few runner-ups include Robert's Smokin' BBQ and Christo's Restaurant. Let us know your favorite Tampa Bay Macaroni & Cheese spot on social media.

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