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‘Christmas Story’ Bully was Also in Classic Van Halen Music Video

A fun fact has resurfaced that some people may not know about: One of the bullies from 1983's A Christmas Story is in the music video for Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher." Before going forward: No, it wasn't that ginger-jerk Scut Farkus, who was played by Zack Ward. It was his short sidekick, Grover Dill, who was played by Yano Anaya. Anaya recalled during a Feb. 2022 interview with Classic Rock being cast as the child version of bassist Michael Anthony. https://youtu.be/6M4_Ommfvv0?si=wgEwLh2u_HO_8KCJ   He shared that he was a massive fan of Van Halen and was on a mission to meet the band. Anaya found out which trailer on the video's set was the band's and knocked on the door. He was greeted by Alex Van Halen. Anaya told AVH he was part of the video's cast and asked to hang out. The drummer welcomed the then-13-year-old Anaya into the band's trailer. David Lee Roth was a bit annoyed at a child being in their trailer, but Alex told the singer that he was in the video. Alex then told Anaya to grab him a couple of beers from their cooler. Once he brought the beers to Alex, the drummer challenged the child actor to shotgun one of the beers. "I’m like: 'I’m thirteen years old, it’s ten-twenty in the morning, and I'm a drinking a Schlitz beer with Alex Van Halen,'" said Anaya. "I drank that one beer, and I was so drunk." Later on, Anaya asked Eddie Van Halen if he could play the intro to his favorite Van Halen song, "Running With The Devil." Ever the good guy, Eddie obliged. As for what Michael Anthony was like to his mini-me, Anaya said he was pretty quiet and chill with his presence in the trailer, as was EVH. [select-gallery gallery_id="323189" syndication_name="van-halen-their-30-best-songs-ranked" description="no"]

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