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How much wine did MJ’s family drink in Italy? Who was most excited to see MJ after vacation? Did he “do it” with Michelle internationally? MJ answers personal questions in the second half of the Truth Booth.

Chloe wants MJ to rent a car for her driver’s test.

Michael Phelps has a brain fart during the Today Show

Wink Tinklecrotch hosts today’s Truth Booth to ask MJ how much Michelle spent in Italy

A not so ordinary update on the Olympics…


We are becoming screen zombies!

Froggy aka Spatula sings a song about MJ’s weight gain during his Italy trip

Too much coffee could be bad for you…

Fester reveals his latest scam!

Is MJ an international criminal?

Fester tries the “garlic up your nose” TikTok hack.

Fester didn’t watch the Stanley Cup Final. So what did he watch instead?

Roxanne says power lineworkers “turn her on”

MJ noticed this about local news reports during Elsa

MJ enters the truth booth!

Joey Chestnut breaks the world record at a hot-dog eating contest

Breaking french fry news!

A new study says early birds are less depressed

Have robocalls stopped for you?

Roxanne got her allergy results back

It’s another round of Froggy’s Impression Connection!

Guess which celebs were at Amalie Arena last night…

Roxanne spends $500 a month on Amazon. You’re welcome Jeff Bezos.