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Fester remembers the many times he should have been the topic during a “Morons in the News” segment.

Roxanne thinks she caught an entity on camera. Could this be a ghost?

Morons in the News: Naples man sets his roommate’s bed on fire.

Froggy accidentally left his game stream on for 23 hours… and his wife got recorded.

A woman on a Delta flight began breastfeeding her cat.

A Citrus County woman entered a nursing home completely naked!

A woman accidentally shot herself in the crotch after performing gun-play on an online chatroom.

What does ‘656’ mean?

Roxanne let her daughter wear TWO dresses at once. Is this normal? Listeners weigh in…

An OnlyFans model who hooks up with married men & woman reveals how to tell if your partner is cheating.

Does Roxanne have a low blood sugar problem?

TikTokers are doing the Kool-Aid Man Challenge… Talk about “Oh NO!”

MJ and Michelle used a mashed potato recipe that calls for WAYYY too much butter.

Morons in the News: A robbery at Bo’s and a St. Pete woman sells her neighbor’s car for scraps.

Froggy performs a song about Thanksgiving. Will this be his last performance EVER?

Morons in the News: Man with man-bun from The Villages robs two gas stations.

BJ from the old MJ & BJ Show joins the crew to talk about his rental car story. This gets crazy.

Morons in the News: Florida woman allegedly tazed her ex’s new girl.

Morons in the News: Man with man-bun from The Villages robs two gas stations.


Roxanne was almost late and Fester literally rolled out of bed this morning.

Have problems with your HOTA? Homeowners in Tampa got fined for having their Christmas lights up too early.

Breaking news about Rittenhouse… but it’s not what you think.

How long should a hug last?

Apparently you’ve been using deodorant all wrong.

MJ says Pete Davidson is making his life miserable!

Name That Sound!

Froggy has an intimacy issue with his neighbors.

Oh-Yeah!!!! Costco is recalling its Kool-Aid.

Roxanne has a birthday gift for Froggy.


Will there be a Santa shortage?

Has Fester dropped the ball on too many video assignments?

Froggy and Fester and illegal dumpers… allegedly.

Should a listener throw a surprise party for her 99-year-old grandma?

Morons in the News: Police help a woman who is locked out of her… then finds meth in her car.

MJ saw something off about what a customer was holding in a Publix

MJ wants Froggy to get his gold tooth tested at a pawn shop.

A TikTok trick was actually used for…. good?

Have you seen people with the ‘phone hunch?’

Morons in the News: Lawyer disrobes at a security checkpoint.

It’s the Longevity Test!

Would you work for a company where your boss can show up to your house?

Fester’s lack of prep leads to a conversation about text-inflection.

A mystery guest is this week’s contestant in the Truth Booth!

Roxanne’s notebook looks like a serial killer wrote in it.

Morons in the News: Woman stabs cousin over sex toy.

Froggy and Roxanne try oil-pulling.

Froggy heard a rumor about Tom Brady this weekend.

MJ caught Roxanne talking to herself in her car.

MJ finds a syringe under the table in the Q105 studio!

Fester gets a mystery package.

MJ gets an e-mail from a PDQ gift card winner.

MJ recounts the two times he almost set his house on fire as a kid.

Morons in the News: A Colorado man set mom’s house on fire.

THEA needs volunteers for new roadway safety technology.

MJ reads a list of the worst to best pasta dishes at Olive Garden. Coop weighs in.

Morons in the News: Man dressed as Fred Flintstone was hit by a car.

Turns out, the lawyer involved with the Pop-Tart lawsuit is notorious for these lawsuits!

Froggy dropped his wallet in the toilet, and Fester helps him get it back.

What happens when you combine a special teams football coach, his ex-stripper girlfriend, and her pet monkey?

Morons in the News: A Florida man has filed a lawsuit for slipping on a puddle at a car wash.

MJ and the gang find out Roxanne is a part time… crisis manager?

Roxanne and her sister got duped by an Uber Eats driver over the weekend.

Roxanne talks about how to pose for a photo.

Morons in the News: A Florida Teacher of the Year has been arrested for alleged child abuse.

Carole Baskin is suing Netflix over Tiger King 2

Fester got asked interesting questions by trick or treaters last night.

Pasco County, FL TikToker arrested after doing this in front of a cop…

How do you react to a toddler who wants to be a sand dune for Halloween?

DJ Skrizzle Skrizzle has a song for Halloween 2021.

Roxanne got a new cat, but her fiance doesn’t know…

Which celebrity has recently come down with COVID? Let’s spin the wheel to see.

After Froggy’s story yesterday, Roxanne says Doug had a bizarre encounter with his neighbors.

When MJ and Michelle met Keanu Reeves

Good Samaritan vs. Bad Samaritan

Morons in the News: Orange County, FL woman gives her neighbors the birds.

Froggy’s neighbor asked him to borrow something bizarre.

MJ chats with the woman who became a victim of arson after her Halloween decorations were burned to a ground!

A Citrus County man tried to bribe a fire chief after he was told his haunted house was unsafe.

Fester’s headphones are DESTROYED.

Daughter gets a battery charge for throwing tacos at her mother!

Because of Squid Game, sales of this shoe are through the roof!

It seems like we may have already had this story, Fester.

This college football coach clearly HATES candy corn.

The Villages woman gets DUI after getting stopped on her golf cart.

Roxanne reveals her brother-in-law is missing a big toe!

Coop goes dumpster diving at Whole Foods and scores BIG

Woman in The Villages gets bit after she tries to prevent her sister from drinking and driving!