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Is Roxanne attracted to her Gynecologist?

Loofa usage in The Villages: urban legend or totally true?

The class action chicken lawsuit.

MJ has a problem with his cable company. I think we’ve all been here…

What’s your nickname for your spouse?

Fester gets his car cleaned by Zerorez

Michelle’s new nickname for MJ

What’s the filthiest part of your bathroom?

Fester found a GoPro camera the RV show. What’s on it?

Roxanne gives her report on the coming Full Moon tonight.

Morons in the News: Don’t call 911 just because you’re tired.

MJ and Michelle answer questions about Michelle’s birthday in the Truth Booth!

Robot vacuums will now avoid… pet droppings?

A naked woman was rescued from a storm drain in Ft. Myers.

Roxanne gives a full report on why Instagram is bad for teens.

MJ got uninvited to his cousin’s super spreader wedding. What do listeners think he should do?

Did last night’s SpaceX launch come as a surprise to anyone else?

Waddup with Jason Sudeikis’ new paycheck?

Coop asks the gang, “who is Christie Brinkley?”

MJ tries to win money from Scratch-Off tickets.

Why was Coop wearing this mask?

Yesterday was the 17 year anniversary of an iconic Oprah moment.

Fester leaves for the R.V. convention today. Did he pull off his racket?

Costco has recalled a set of shower benches.

Ew… a sewage pipe burst at the Washington game over the weekend.

Oh no… There’s a security alert at Beasley Media Group…

Go Bucs! Did Froggy even watch the game?

MJ overhears Coop saying he had no idea who Paula Abdul was.

MJ thinks this is gross. A viral video shows a man feeding his dog cheese from the cheese grater.

Go Bucs! Anyone going to the game?

Risk of heart attacks are more likely in young adult cannabis users, says one study.

Fester is in trouble… He rented his wife the smallest possible car.

A 911 dispatcher is on the run after hanging up on emergency calls on the job.

MJ has a family problem. Should he go to his cousin’s wedding in New York?

With the success of Fester is Gas Nozzle Man, what’s MJ’s next viral video idea?

What’s dumber: gender reveals or the #MilkCrateChallenge?

What do you do when your credit card declines?

A new study says that women are more attracted to men who mumble. Is this true for our listeners?

Roxanne reenacts the first date high-speed chase that happened in Clearwater!

Fester is… Gas Nozzle Man!

Ignorance is bliss for Roxanne’s nail lady.

A Richmond, VA school board member learns a thing or two about pranks.

Coop made a sound to reenact MJ’s jogger story from yesterday.

Roxanne LOVES power trucks… maybe a little too much.

A new study reveals that most people only have 13 pain-free days a year.

Leave Al Roker alone!

A woman tried to rob a Bank of America in Tampa. Fester and Froggy know about that location all too well…

Are you placed on the “back burner” of your relationship?

A chef has changed the name of her “Slut Red Raspberries in Chardonnay Jelly” to something more PC. But was this name offensive in the first place?

Ew… Fester accidentally put on Coop’s mask.

Morons in the News: Passenger lights up cigarette on an airplane

No wonder people in the 1950s had so many kids…

Listeners want Fester to attempt the #MilkCrateChallenge

Fester left some clothes at the dry cleaner, and now the store is closed.

MJ and the gang open the international mystery package.