This weekend we checked out Hotbins in Tampa, a new Amazon return bin store. Here’s just some of the crazy and useful things we found. Just across the street from Busch Gardens is a new shopping experience for Tampa. Hotbins is an Amazon return bin store that has so much to offer. Not only will you find overstock, liquidated and amazon returns, but you’ll also find goods from Walmart, Target, Khols and more. It’s kind of a crazy experience, each day the store is almost always a madhouse for these crazy deals.

How does it work? The store opens Friday with a new shipment of goods, each day that week the price goes down in hope to sell out that shipment. The price breakdown goes like this:

Friday: $12
Saturday: $10
Sunday: $8
Monday: $6
Tuesday: $4
Wednesday: $2
Thursday: Closed for restocking to start again on Friday.

Everything is boxed and placed in large bins to comb through. Some boxes are labeled with the product/description, and some boxes are completely blank. The good news is that you don’t have to guess what’s in the box. Take it over to their unboxing area where an employee will be happy to show you what’s inside before you buy!

We drove past the store on a Friday and saw a line wrapped around the building. Instead, we went back the next day on Saturday where everything was $10. It was kind of a mad house, but definitely not as crowded as new stock days. It takes some time to dig through everything, so make sure you don’t have any time restraints when shopping. We found a bunch of useful home items, workout gear, clothes, wigs, pool floats, and a bunch of unmarked boxes left up to mystery. We ended up buying a rice cooker for only $10. After some research, we found that the rice cooker was selling for $30 on Amazon, so that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Check out all of the other crazy things we found at Hotbins in Tampa. Click here for more information about Hotbins.

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