Recently, some of my co-workers asked me when was the last time I was at Cristinos. This is an amazing little Italian place that is located on Ft. Harrison in Clearwater. Cristinos is a place that I pass every night on my way home to Clearwater Beach. But had to admit, I hadn’t been there in a LONG time.

Being italian food lovers, Christine and I are always looking for great italian food in the area. And, who doesn’t love a good pizza? But I had forgotten about Cristino’s since I moved back to Tampa Bay.

Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza is located on 1101 S. Ft Harrison Ave in Clearwater. Christine and I ventured over one night to give it a try, and we weren’t disappointed.  They use nothing but fresh ingredients and actually do cook the pizza’s in a “coal oven” stating that, “the coal imparts a wonderful, unique taste and texture, and the intense heat allows it to cook in a matter of minutes”. 

It truly was some of the best pizza I have ever had. So, I took a few photos of the experience to give you a peak at my new favorite Italian restaurant. Hope you enjoy!