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At Q105 we get phone calls (from time to time) from listeners asking us if they can come and tour the radio station.

And even though staff might walk an occasional winner (who has arrived to pick up a prize) through the building, we really don’t give regular “tours” of the Q105 studios.

It’s a busy place, there is just too much going on. The folks that are on-the-air don’t want to be distracted, no-matter how pleasant the distraction may be. You can’t be distracted when you’re on the radio. Distractions lead to “dead-air”. And when there is dead-air… there are no listeners. We like listeners.

So, we thought a photo tour of the radio station might be something you would like to see. Scroll through the photos below and be sure to check out the very last photo… it’s probably the best pic of them all.