Working remote is extremely common these days but after a while it can get kind of boring. Getting out of the house to work can breath life and creativity back into your soul. Trying to find a fun, convenient but free workspace in Tampa Bay can be definitely be a challenge. Before COVID, most people went into the office, and it was normal to be a part of the hustle and bustle of the job. However, having the convenience of working at home in your pajamas definitely has its benefits.

Even so, staying in your house all day, every day can get old and mundane after a while. Finding a cool coffee shop or free workspace to pop into every now and then absolutely has its advantages. Here are some wonderful locations to get you out of the house but also make sure you accomplish your workload at the same time.

Discover Free Workspaces In Tampa For Remote Workers:

First things first, the workspace can’t be too loud or congested. You need somewhat of a relaxing environment so you can accomplish tasks. Some of you might need to take a conference call or even a Zoom call when working. If that’s the case, you need to have a quiet area to work. This list will go beyond the normal Starbucks suggestion but will instead suggest more local mom-and-pop places including the Public Library.

Most don’t even think about going to the library anymore but it’s not only a fabulous resource but quiet as well. Public libraries have multiple workspaces which you can reserve plus they’re all closed door. That means you can take your work call in peace without someone yelling right next to you. Best of all you get out of the house making your feel refreshed instead of being cooped up inside your house. In no particular order, check out our list below of the nine best workspaces for remote workers.

Honorable Mention:

This is not free but it is a life hack! If you have kids and need them to run around and have fun while you work think about this idea. Remote workers have discovered working from Chuck E Cheese is a great option. Their summer pass gets about 3 hours a day of work while your kids are distracted for only $139 for two months. Just an option in case you need to work while your kids run around and have fun.

Here Are The 9 Best Free Workspaces In Tampa:

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