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One of our favorite viral video trends is isolated vocal tracks. They often capture the awe-inspiring talent of the world’s best singers.

Just how popular is this trend? A simple Google search of “isolated vocal tracks YouTube” yields about 954,000 results. The most popular results are YouTube playlists that feature a diverse selection of these videos spanning every genre imaginable.

These videos are incredibly important. For starters, they often show off a singer’s true ability to sing. It’s easy for some vocal aspects to get covered up along with their accompanying music. Once you get rid of the music, you can really hear the nuances of a singer’s range. As a result, you get a new appreciation for them, too.

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Another reason why these videos are so important is that there are more and more techniques available to distort vocals in a recording studio. When you strip layering or other effects from the track, you can really tell if a singer is truly the real deal.

Perhaps most importantly, these videos matter to remind music lovers that true talent does exist. More and more, it seems that being able to perform live is less and less important. So many performances, especially during live telecasts, feature lipsyncing. From the Super Bowl to Saturday Night Live, it’s as if the visual performance matters more than the literal performance of music. To die-hard music fans, this is incredibly disappointing. Don’t get us wrong: Fun visuals during a performance are great. Even accompanying choreography is incredibly entertaining. However, it shouldn’t be unheard of to want to see a musical performance featuring people who are actually singing.

While this list could go on and on and on, here are just seven of our favorite isolated vocal tracks for your listening pleasure. Prepare to be blown away.

  • Grace Slick - 'White Rabbit'

    This is basically rock and roll’s version of a Gregorian chant, and we mean that in a good way. Slick’s voice on “White Rabbit” just seems to build and build and is akin to a force that could move mountains.

  • Rob Halford - 'Painkiller'

    There are many reasons why the Judas Priest frontman is called “The Metal God.” His isolated vocals on 1990’s “Painkiller are just one of them.

  • Robert Plant - 'Since I've Been Loving You'

    The way his voice roars as if out of nowhere is just incredible. Few rock vocalists have carried Plant’s kind of power.

  • Eddie Vedder - 'Alive'

    “Alive” is already a chill-inducing track, but Vedder’s isolated vocals are just…WOW! Once he hits the chorus, it’s difficult not to be overcome with emotion.

  • Freddie Mercury - 'Somebody To Love'

    Mercury was the type of singer whose voice could soar well over any instrument, so to hear his isolated vocals is simply mind-blowing. Such a remarkable talent taken from us all too soon.

  • David Lee Roth - 'Running With The Devil'

    Okay…hear us out. Perhaps DLR’s vocals won’t give you chills. However, there’s just something about his various whoops and grunts that is intriguing. Be honest; we’re not wrong.

  • Merry Clayton - 'Gimme Shelter'

    There’s a reason why many feel Clayton’s solo on The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” is the greatest vocal solo of all time. We’ll just let the track speak for itself.

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