The first thing that locals will tell you is “Don’t” but that’s because they want to keep Tampa to themselves. Unfortunately, the reality is people are going to continue to relocate to the Sunshine State. Tampa is a growing market, which means a lot of people are moving to the 813. Although locals wish the growing would stop, it’s still exciting to watch for our city. It’s always been a hot spot for long-time tourists, aka snowbirds, and people who are here for a short time. A lot of these tourists are becoming “transplants” and turning their vacation into a lifestyle. But we bet they wish they had this realistic advice before moving to Tampa. Thinking of making the move? Check out our pros and cons of living in the Tampa Bay area and scroll down to find out what’s really going on here.

We jokingly asked our listeners what advice they would give someone who plans on moving to Tampa. Of course, the comments are flooded with “Don’t”, “We’re full”, and “Stay in NY”. And while they aren’t wrong, it’s not really realistic advice for someone to move to Tampa.

Why move to Tampa?

Locals and transplants can find common ground on why Tampa is such a great place to live. There are lots of reasons why people save all year just to visit. The year-round warm weather is a big selling point for those relocating from colder states. We have some of the best beaches in the country, a melting pot of foodie culture, some of the most popular theme parks in the country, and championship-winning sports teams. Like every major city, you will run into issues like a growing homeless population, cost of living, HOA’s among others.

Whether you’re moving across county or state lines, here’s some realistic advice for moving to Tampa:

  • Pack Some Patience

    This is slightly a joke but also kind of serious because it really does take an hour to get anywhere in Tampa. If you plan on moving to Tampa be sure to bring some patience. Trust us, you’ll need it for driving on 275 or across the Howard Frankland during rush-hour (or any time of day really).

    Stressed mix race woman managing stress breathing deeply with closed eyes and relief. Young african american female holding hands in yoga finger gesture to calm down after frustration tired at work

  • Get Your Insurance FAST

    One of the biggest cons of moving to Florida/Tampa is the insurance rates. You have 10 days to title and register your car, boats, mobile home, etc. You’ll have 30 days to obtain a Florida driver license. If you don’t, you could see a hefty $500 fine. It’s also worth noting the cost of car insurance is 30% higher than the national average.

    Also since Florida is constantly threatened by major hurricanes, expect to pay A LOT for home/flood insurance.

    businessman hand putting coin in piggy bank. Saving money concept business finance and investment

  • Learn Our Driving Habits

    It’s something that even locals are guilty of doing. If you want to fit right in with the rest of Tampa, be sure to never use your blinker and let other drivers know your next move. Also, instead of making a u-turn, it’s Florida policy to cut over 3 lanes of traffic to correct your mistake. (For legal reasons, this is a joke).

    If you go anything under the speed limit in the left lane, be prepared to be met with a lot of middle fingers from Tampa locals.

    woman is driving her car very aggressive and gives gesture with his fist

  • Don't Brag About Your Hometown

    Seriously, you made the move. Now you’re a Floridian. We don’t care “how you did it in New York”. If you liked it so much, you could’ve stayed. Related note: Once you make the transfer to Tampa, leave behind your old team sports gear. You’re a Bucs/Rays/Lightning fan now.

    Two men with foam hand and baseball equipment

  • Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and Allergy Medication Are Your New Best Friends

    One thing you may not have realized in Florida is the bugs are INTENSE. Mosquitoes, fire ants, and palmetto bugs are extremely common. You also might want to get used to wearing sunscreen daily and have some allergy medication on hand. We have plants that bloom year-round which causes a lot of issues for people with bad allergies. Plus the ocean breeze can move pollen for miles.

    Woman applying insect repellent against mosquito and tick on her leg during hike in nature. Skin protection against insect bite

  • Learn To Wait Out The Rain

    If you’ve visited on vacation you probably experienced this. It’s a beautiful sunny day until around 4pm when we get our daily showers. If you’re at an amusement park like Busch Gardens, don’t worry about gathering your things and leaving (unless otherwise stated by the park). Majority of the time, you can wait out the storm in 30-60 minutes.

    Dark stormy clouds forming on gloomy sky before heavy rainfall over suburban town area.

  • Do A Trial Run

    Before making the move to Tampa, maybe consider doing a trial run during our “worst” months. It’s the hottest in July/August, hurricanes really pick up in September, traffic is TERRIBLE during spring break. If you plan a 2-3 week visit during any of these months, you’ll get a real taste of what it’s like living in Tampa.

    Downtown of Tampa. Tampa, Florida, USA.


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