Nike on foot at Soleciety wearing one of the favorite sneakers in Tampa.

Being a sneakerhead in 2023 is the quickest route to cleaning out a bank account faster than a Craigslist scammer. Hop on Google and you’ll find a pair of Nike SB Dunks going for $150,000. Now, is it a rare shoe? Probably, but worth the price tag? You decide. We asked you on social media what your favorite sneaker brands were and you didn’t disappoint. Let’s dive into the favorite sneakers in Tampa.

The sneaker industry is a constantly growing industry. In 2023, the sneaker world generated a whopping $75.77 billion in revenue. The industry is expected for an annual projected growth of 5.31%, according to Statista.

Everyone knows of the big few names like Nike and Adidas, but it’s the smaller subsets within brands that carry the weight. With Nike, you’ve got the Dunks, Airmax, Jordans, and more but within those sneaker models are more collab models that add to the rarity and value.

Florida’s Favorite Sneaker Brands

First, let’s start with Florida’s favorite sneakers. According to, Travis Scott Sneakers are the top overall most popular for the state. The Travis Scott signature sneakers are a collab between Scott and Nike. They feature the classic Nike Swoosh, BUT in reverse. The shoes almost all retail for under $200, but sport a resale value of well over $1000. If you see someone rocking a backwards Nike swoosh, you’re witnessing a collector.

The next most popular shoe in the sunshine state is the Vans Old Skool. The Vans Old Skool has been around for decades, but remains a go-to classic for everyone. Now, we’re talking more about usability and function rather than resale since they have been a skateboarding classic since the 60s. These days, you’ll find people sporting the Old Skools in any niche.

Along with the Vans Old Skool, the Nike Air Max 270 follows for third place. The Air Max 270 is a very popular workout shoe and resembles a modern take on the classic early 2000s sneakers from Nike and offer a wide variety of color choices.

Tampa Bay’s Favorite Sneaker Brands

This is where you guys come in. We asked you your favorite sneaker brands, and you delivered. With close to 100 entries, we compiled a list of the top 5 favorite sneakers in Tampa Bay.

  • Nike (1st Place)

    Nike comes in first place with over 40 votes. This isn’t much of a surprise given the fact almost everyone has owned Nikes at one point or another. The favorite sneakers from Nike are Jordan 1s, Air Max, and Dunks. This falls in line with the favorite sneaker brand and models for the entire state of Florida. 



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  • Adidas (2nd Place)

    Adidas comes in second place with 12 votes and upsets the number 2 spot, for the state of Florida. Individual models like the Yeezys, Ultraboosts and Superstars are among the favorites for Adidas buyers in Tampa.


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  • Vans (3rd Place Tie)

    Vans comes in at a tie for third place with 9 votes. You said Vans in general, so we don’t have an individual breakdown of models, but we can expect the Old Skool, Slip Ons, and Sk8-Hi’s are among the favorites.


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  • New Balance (3rd Place Tie)

    New Balance also comes in at 3rd place tying Vans. New Balance has seen a recent resurgence in new customers since expanding their line of sneakers. The recent popularity of “Dad” shoes (for some) lends to the popularity of New Balance.


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  • Puma (4th Place)

    Puma comes in 4th place with 6 votes. We didn’t get an individual breakdown of your favorite models from Puma, but Puma has found a resurgence since collaborating with brands and athletes over the past few years. From the shoes the bus driver wore, to top 5 favorite sneaker brand in Tampa. Puma has collabed with Mercedes, LaMelo Ball, Neymar Jr., SpongeBob, Dixie D’Amelio, June Ambrose and more.


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  • Oncloud (5th Place Tie)

    Oncloud comes in for a three way tie for 5th place, with 5 votes. Even if you’re not familiar with Oncloud, you’ve probably seen them on feet. They are usually sitting at the front of any athletic store shoe department and have become very popular shoes within the last few years.


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  • Skechers (5th Place Tie)

    Skechers ties it up for 5th place with 5 votes. Sketchers used to be the “old man” sneaker, but more recently they’ve found new popularity with new and old styles.  They have new slip-ons, that are fan favorites, and maximize comfort and function as well as many other new models.


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  • Converse (5th Place Tie)

    Converse has been a long time favorite for decades and ties it up for 5th place with 5 votes. There are many different styles of Converse, but Chuck Taylor’s are by far the most popular shoe within the brand. The quality has significantly dropped over the past few years with cheap canvas and plastic mesh material inside. They’re also sporting a higher price tag than before.



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