Charmin by the dozens at Costco in Clearwater, Florida.

Toilet paper is the one thing you shouldn’t be skimping out on. Yeah, it can get pretty expensive, but if you’re smart, you can find high-class toilet paper on a low budget. Today, we’re here to help bring you along the guide to finding Tampa Bay’s cheapest toilet paper deals.

Many factors go into determining a good deal on Toilet paper. Yes, you might be able to pick up a 30-rack of 1-ply toilet paper, but that’s only as good as buying used sandpaper. It just doesn’t work like it should.

Here’s a scenario for you. You’re having a party and someone needs a place to make a pit stop. As they reach for the toilet paper, they find nothing but a roll of semi-transparent 1-ply toilet paper and a box of tissues. Chances are they’re reaching for the tissues because everybody knows that toilet paper is as good as nothing. Now, they’ve just used up your tissues which costs much more than a good roll of TP and they know you cheap out. 

How did we determine Tampa Bay’s Cheapest Toilet Paper Deals?

To determine Tampa Bay’s cheapest toilet paper deals, we compared the most popular toilet paper brands found at the major shopping stores in Tampa Bay: Costco, Sam’s Club, Publix, Target, and Walmart.

Next, we defined what makes a good toilet paper. Think of the girth of the roll, how many sheets it has, and the plushness of the ply. Next, the price per roll came into play which is by far the most important key indicator when making this list. When I was shopping for paper towels last week, I noticed there was a deal on the 8-pack and 10-pack, but the 10-pack had a higher price per roll by more than $1 than the 8-pack. Different product, same game.

We’re not condoning the timeless classic like TP-ing, but cheaping out on TP just makes life harder than it needs to be and often takes more money out of your wallet. We’ve included ultra plush options for the Cadillac experience as well as the 1-ply mess makers. Here is the guide to finding Tampa Bay’s Cheapest toilet paper deals.

  • 1. Sam's club

    After trying out dozens of different toilet paper brands, Sam’s Club’s own Member’s Mark Ultra Premium TP is the best deal money can buy. Coming in at just $22.98 with 235 sheets per roll and 45 rolls per container, this toilet paper beats out the softness of Charmin Ultra Strong easily.  If you insist on buying name brands, the Charmin Ultra Strong has 32 rolls with 231 sheets each and comes in at $24.88. Charmin Ultra Soft Extra Mega also has 32 rolls with 231 sheets per roll and comes in at $31.48 (this one compares to the softness of Member’s Marks Ultra Premium. Not that we would suggest it, but if you’re looking for 1-ply, Scotts has 36 rolls with 1100 sheets per roll and comes in at $26.88. It may seem like a great deal looking at the number of sheets per roll, but take that with a grain of salt.

    Charmin Ultra Strong TP on Palettes

  • 2. Costco

    Costco is another great option for low priced TP in the Tampa Bay area. The top choice at Costco is the Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper.  Coming in at just $19.49, this TP has 30 premium 2-ply rolls with 380 sheets per roll.  Runner up is the Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft which has 36 premium ultra soft rolls with 231 sheets per roll for $24.99. This option is for those who require the softest treatment. Next up is Charmin Ultra Strong, which compares most to the Kirkland Signature and comes in at $20.99 for 30 rolls with 220 sheets per roll. If you’re set on 1-ply, Scott’s comes in with 36 rolls with 1100 sheets per roll for $26.89.

    Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper in bulk at Costco

  • 3. Target

    If we’re being honest, Target is right there with Costco for their toilet paper deals. Target’s own UP & UP brand provides a great combination of value and plushness. Their Soft & Strong TP comes in at just $19.99 for 30 2-ply rolls with 380 sheets per roll. From personal experience, the UP &UP branded toilet paper rivals the Sam’s Club #1 winner. Next up is the Angel soft TP. Each Package has 32 rolls with 320 sheets per roll and costs $23.99. If you insist on Charmin, you can find the Ultra Strong TP for $19.99 for 12 rolls and 362 sheets per roll. I was talking to a gentleman in the toilet paper aisle when researching this and he chose the Up & Up brand over the 1-ply counterpart because he wanted to avoid the mess. Take that as you will.

    UP & UP toilet paper at Target on the shelf.

  • 4. Walmart

    Walmart is another great option for TP if you don’t shop at Sam’s Club or Costco. The best bang for your buck TP at Walmart is the Angel Soft branded toilet paper. A package contains 12 rolls with 320 sheets per roll and comes in at $8.44. Next up, Great Value branded toilet paper has 30 rolls with 242 sheets per roll for $28.83. The third best option is Charmin Ultra Soft at 30 rolls with 224 sheets per roll and comes in at $32.98. Our suggestion is to buy 3 packs of the Angel soft and you’ll still come in under the price of the Great Value Branded TP.

    Angelsoft Toilet Paper on the shelf at Walmart.

  • 5. Publix

    If you’re a regular at the local Publix, you know TP can get expensive. Publix is one of those last resort TP options if you’re in need in a bind. Their #1 best option is the Angelsoft 16 roll, 320 sheets per roll pack for $10.99. The Publix branded TP has 12 rolls with 320 sheets per roll and comes in at $10.99 also. If you’re looking for the bulk package at Publix, the Charmin Ultra Strong 24 pack with 242 sheets per roll and is typically goes on sale for $26.49. Regularly priced for this option is $33.99.

    Angelsoft TP on the shelf at Publix in St. Pete.

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