In a 30 minute documentary of their own , Michael Jackson’s family responds to the recent and damaging HBO film “Leaving Neverland” .

In “Neverland FirsthandMichael’s family refutes the HBO film that accuses the late star of child sex abuse. The film sheds light on information that was excluded from HBO’s broadcast by using interviews with people closest to the situation, as well as members of Jackson’s family.

The mini documentary was directed by Eli Pedraza and uploaded to YouTube on Saturday. It features interviews with Taj Jackson (the singer’s nephew), Brandi Jackson (the singer’s niece), and Brad Sundberg, the longtime technical director for the late singer, who also worked on Neverland Ranch.

If you are a Michael Jackson fan you will definitely want to see this. Even if not, I think its only fair to hear both sides of this issue, since Michael can no longer defend himself.

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