This is going to be some very exciting news for allergies sufferers around the world!

According to a new study out of Iran, scientist believe that a great way to make your hay fever and various allergy symptoms a whole lot milder is by having a great sex life. Researchers say that the reproductive system is linked to the nasal system.

And why you ask? The research says that sex makes the blood vessel in your nose and eyes constrict, which helps reduce your congestion and things such as runny eyes and stuffy noses.

Skeptics have ridiculed the idea, quoting “There are limitations in using ejaculation as a treatment of nasal congestion, such as not being applicable out of home and not having any sex partner.”

If you find this a little too hard to belive check out the complete story on the Evening Standard HERE:

Still sounds like its worth a try to me! Am I right? 😉


Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .