WTSP.com reports that Valerie Branch-Galloway of Largo, FL was arrested last week for allegedly whipping a 26 year-old man, (her stepson) thirty times with a leather belt.

Here’s how it all went down. Largo police reports say that Valerie’s stepson missed his midnight curfew. Valerie offered the man a choice of two punishments. One choice she offered was to tell her stepson’s father about the curfew infraction… the other choice was to endure a “licking”. The 26 year-old chose the later.

Branch-Galloway allegedly gave the 26 year old 11 “licks” on his back-side, at which time the stepson claims he said, “Stop”. Then allegedly, Valerie says that the stepson has got 19 more coming and then continued to punish the man.

Afterward, police were called and Valerie was arrested for domestic battery and booked into jail for the misdemeanor charge.

My personal opinion? If it’s her house… then it’s her rules.

Seems like another,”only in Florida” story. 😉

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