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I spent the day at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and I can’t believe it was my first time. This is Nicolas the dolphin who just turned 17 years old. Nicolas was rescued on Christmas Eve with his mother caught in a crab trap. His mother didn’t make it but 6 month old Nicolas did and you can see him at the CMA. You can tell how much they love their trainers, like big ole dogs.

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Here’s the animatronic dolphine used in Dolphin Tale 2

A model of Winter the Dolphin

The trainer is teaching the otter to get all the way on the scale including his tail, because 1/3 of their weight is in their tail.

This sea turtle was recently rescued after getting hit by a boat – he’ll heal at CMA and then be released back into the Gulf.

Here are the Great White Pelicans that played the part of RUFUS in the Dolphin Tale movies.

Sure I got the $5 donation fake dolphin tatoo.

They kept the office and all the stuff used in the movie set.

There’s way more at the CMA than I thought and we had no problem filling up 3 hours exploring everything. I will be going back!