Florida Fish and Wildlife found two baby manatees with no mother in sight. The babies are thin and will receive special nutrition and monitoring until hopefully they can be released back into the water. I learned in the Zoo Tampa Facebook conversation that the two babies will not be in the regular tank with the other manatee’s but will be held in the back area. According to one Facebook comment, you can walk back there and see the babies.

Some of our Q105 listeners have posted a picture of the orphaned manatees on our page. Zoo Tampa will probably have the two orphans for a few months considering how young they are and how cold the water in the Gulf is during the winter months. The manatees are starting to stack up at the Teco viewing center near the power plant, so we know the water is starting to cool.


We received two orphaned manatee calves this week from MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife. The manatees were found with no...

Posted by ZooTampa at Lowry Park on Saturday, November 16, 2019