Happy Birthday Bob!

Bob Barker, America’s most-loved game show host, turned 96 years old today.

Yep! The 96 year old vegan was born 12/12/1923 and grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Mission, South Dakota.

During my tenure as the Announcer on The Price is Right, Mr. Barker would often talk about how he was “part native American” (the Sioux Tribe)… and how he was, “born in the woods”. Not kidding! Bob’s mother gave birth to him in Darrington, Washington, in some very sparse conditions.

Quite the contrast in lifestyles between Bob’s early childhood and him being the Hollywood legend that he is today.

Bob was named host of The Price is Right in 1972 remained the host until 2007. That’s quite a run!

I have said it many times, (and I’ll say it again)  much of what my wife Christine and I have, all started because of the generosity of Bob Barker. Bob hand-picking me to be his new announcer on The Price is Right in 2004, changed our lives.

Thank you again, Bob… and happy birthday!

Check out the gallery of photos that I put together of Bob throughout the years…

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