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Beasley Gaming Series Tournament Crowns Another Mortal Kombat 11 Champ

The Tampa Beasley Gaming Series Tournament crowns another Mortal Kombat 11 champ and he has a familiar name. It was  a brutal fight and in the final, which ended up being a rematch of June's tournament, but Dennis Charron is once again our Beasley Gaming Series winner. Charron walks away with a $500 Visa Gift Card and a Beasley Gaming Series Cup! Second place went to David Goodwyn who received a$250 Visa Gift Card. Thanks to all of our participants: Dennis Charron David Goodwyn Tony Garcia Stefano Lonaedo Marc Anthony Rivera Malik Allen Gregory Chance Trevor Dolin We teamed up with High Point Gamer and Checkpoint XP, for the single-elimination tournament of eight head-to-head in Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4). WiLD 94.1’s Joey Franchise and 92.5 MAX!MA’s DJ Speedy hosted along with special guest @DQ4Equis! Check out the replay:   The Tampa Beasley Gaming Series Tournament, sponsored by The U.S. Army. More photos coming soon and stay tuned for more from the Beasley Gaming Series! #beasleygamingseries [gallery ids="322285,322286,322293,322288,322287,322291,322292,322290,322289,322295,322294,322302,322301,322300,322299,322308,322297,322296,322307,322304,322306,322303,322305"] In June 2021, we held our first invitation-only tournament. It was  a brutal fight in the final match but Dennis Charron was the inaugural winner. Second place went to David Goodwyn. Thanks to all of our inaugural tournament participants: Dennis Charron - TheSuperguy42 on Twitch David Goodwyn - BlackJezus2121 on Twitch Kevin Gainer - Zengatsu1 on Twitch Maximo Rodriguez -Blakzacpanth3r on Twitch (Tom G's MVP) Antonio Harris - 03Ronin on Twitch Jorge Figueredo - Kings1asher on Twitch Basil Denson - Mlgunni  on Twitch Danny Rodriguez - Savishboy1 on Twitch You can checkout the #beasleygamingseries replay below: