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Busch Gardens Alligator Pit Visitor Now Gets To Visit Jail

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmN4xS77qyk[/embed] No doubt you've seen the video that went viral of the guy who jumped into the alligator pit at Busch Gardens last week? Well, it didn't take long to identify him and slap the handcuffs on. [caption id="attachment_417614" align="alignright" width="300"] Joe Raedle/Getty Images[/caption]IONTB reports that the Steve Irwin wanna be is a 20 year old YouTube'r named Jacob Pursifull. Reports say he hopped the fence June 1 while 2 other friends assisted. One recorded the stunt. Sure enough, the clip made its way on to YouTube, which I'd imagine made Tampa PD's job much easier. Well done fellas. The video has about 5700 views since being uploaded to YouTube 3 days ago. According to Credit Karma, a YouTube'r makes a little under 2 cents per view, so the jokesters stand to make about $100... which might help with bail. Tampa Police Department detectives arrested Pursifull last night in Tampa. He was taken to Orient Road Jail where he is now charged with burglary, theft of services, and trespassing according to IONTB. [select-gallery gallery_id="397886" syndication_name="geno-rides-busch-gardens-newest-ride-serengeti-flyer" description="no"]

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