Got a roundtrip ticket from Tampa to Philly for under $100! This is a great time of year to travel if your schedule allows for it. Flights are super cheap because summer vacation season isn’t here yet. There were a handful of cities I’ve meant to visit for years but just never got around to it so I booked some quick 48 hour weekend getaways.

I made my first visits to New Orleans (photos) and Nashville (photos). And I booked a few weekends in cities I’ve been to a bunch of times to see friends and family like in Boston and Chicago. But I was craving a cheesesteak from Jim’s on South Street so it was time to fly up to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I’ve been to Philly a bunch of times. Truthfully, Philadelphia isn’t one of my favorite cities to visit. It has its nice parts but it’s kind of a dirty city, you have those annoying Flyers and Eagles fans everywhere. But the flight was cheap and did I mention I was craving a cheesesteak from Jim’s on South Street? I did. Oh.

Well you don’t understand. Jim’s is THE measuring stick when it comes to Philly cheesesteaks. Sure we have Delco’s in Dunedin. That’s a really good cheesesteak… the best in the Tampa Bay area. But Jim’s on South Street is where you go for the real deal. The lines are usually long. The staff isn’t particularly friendly. But when you take that first bite and that Cheez Wiz hits… man it’s the best.

Off to Tampa International I go… at 4AM. Ugh. If you’re only doing a 48 hour trip, you’ve got to make each hour count right? Actually it was about 36 hours. Tampa to Philly Saturday morning and back to Tampa Sunday night.

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