Why Visit Colombia?

Puzzled looks is what I got when I told friends I'm going to visit Colombia... again. A couple years ago I was like you. When I thought of that part of South America, images of drug lords and violence came to mind. If you grew up in the U.S. in the 80s, you think of Pablo Escobar. Those days are long gone. A friend of mind retired there about 5 years ago and kept pestering me to visit. I couldn't understand why he'd choose Colombia until I finally explored the country for the first time last year. Now I wonder if it's someplace I might retire to. Would you like temperatures in the 70s every day year round? Cheap luxury apartment living? Music and colorful architecture? Incredible meals for about $10 that would cost you $50 in the U.S.? Let's go. By the end of this photo gallery, you might start looking up flights.

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