Concerts at Amalie Arena That Could Conflict with Lightning Playoffs

It's happened before. The Tampa Bay Lightning have made the NHL playoffs again. While that's awesome for hockey fans, in the past, Lightning playoff games have forced the postponement and cancellations for concerts at Amalie Arena in May and June. Concert Tour Logistics Here's the thing that many don't think about when this comes up. Concert tours are planned at least a year in advance. Sometimes it's even 2 to 3 years in advance. Plotting out dates to get crews and equipment from city to city with available arenas is not easy. You have to pick cities along a route that make sense for logistics. In other words, if you book an artist in Tampa, you don't want the next performance to be scheduled the next day in New York. With DOZENS of artists touring at the same time, you can imagine how one conflicting date when an arena is already booked can mess up the whole process. Then you add in the uncertainty of the NHL playoffs. The schedule for each round is announced at the end of the previous round. When concerts at Amalie Arena coming up this summer were planned last year, you didn't know if the Bolts would be playoff bound. Even if you were confident the team will play in the postseason, you don't know how far into the playoffs the Bolts could go. Amalie Arena can't block out the 8 weeks of possible revenue from concerts that might go to waste. So now the dance begins between the Lightning playoff schedule and concerts that eager fans are waiting to see. [caption id="attachment_479309" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Garth Brooks was forced to cancel THREE concerts at Amalie Arena almost 10 years ago when the Lightning advanced to the NHL Stanley Cup Final.[/caption] Back in 2015, the best example of this dilemma came up when Garth Brooks had not one, not two but THREE concerts had to be cancelled because the Tampa Bay Lightning made it to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. At the time, Garth said they'd try to reschedule. It's been almost 10 years now. Don't hold your breath. This May and June, the concert season is very very busy at Amalie Arena. And don't forget our opponent this round. They have concerts planned where the Florida Panthers play near Fort Lauderdale too. One GOOD thing for concert goers is that the Lightning are a wild card team this year so they won't have home ice advantage, meaning they'll play more games on the road than they will at Amalie Arena. So which concerts at Amalie Arena COULD be impacted this year? Concerts at Amalie Arena Scheduled for May & June Next Friday night (April 26), Heart is scheduled to perform with Cheap Trick. That one is safe. The Lightning just released the first round schedule and the games at Amalie Arena this round will be the day before and the day after the Heart concert. If the Tampa Bay Lightning make it into the second round, AJR plays Amalie on May 9. Now let's cross our fingers and hope the Bolts make a deep playoff run. Bad Bunny is at Amalie Arena May 21 and NF performs May 24. A big country favorite Kane Brown is set to play TWO shows at Amalie Arena Friday, May 31 and June 1. Latin favorites Luis Miguel and Grupo Firme play Tampa June 4 and 6 respectively. So that will be a busy week to work around should the Bolts get into the later rounds of the NHL playoffs. Hip hop star Megan Thee Stallion is there on Saturday, June 8. Should the Tampa Bay Lightning make it to the Stanley Cup Finals again, Justin Timberlake is scheduled to perform at Amalie Arena June 14. [select-gallery gallery_id="329468" syndication_name="q105-concert-calendar" description="yes"]

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