Some peeked through the green netting. I'm more about the sound, not the visual. So as long as I can hear the show, I'm happy!

You can hear the concerts at The Sound at Coachman Park with no problem without a ticket. Just find a spot in the hilly area near the library and enjoy the music. But what about getting a peek at the stage at The Sound without paying? Is it possible? Sort of.

I was coming back from the beach Sunday when I remembered Social Distortion and Bad Religion were playing The Sound. I had to see if it was true – could you really enjoy the concerts at The Sound without a ticket?

Can you really enjoy the show at The Sound without paying?

After giving it a try, I’ll say this. While it’s not the prime concert experience of being inside the venue, you can definitely hear the show well. And there are even little spots where you can peek in and see a good part of the stage.

It’s definitely worth every penny. Had you spent a penny. Take a look at these pics I snapped as I hung out with fellow freeloaders just outside The Sound at Coachman Park.

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