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All this advice and no lobster? Listen you're going to have lobster whether I tell you to or not, so I'm going to give you the stuff you should see and eat besides lobster!

Round trip flights from Tampa to Portland, Maine right now are crazy cheap! One Q105 listener found a round trip ticket for $29! It’s on Frontier so it’s a no frills flight for sure. You pay extra for carry ons or picking a seat. But if you want a cheap vacation, you can’t beat $29! I know a lot of Floridians love the idea of being in the cold and snow for the holidays. I grew up in Westbrook, Maine which is just outside Portland so I thought I’d show you around. Heck for $29, just go visit for a day or two! Portland is a short 2 hour $25 bus ride to Boston so you could knock out 2 cities in one trip easily. When Floridians see my lobster posts, they hit me up for the places to go for their first visit to Maine. Since I always recommend the same places, I figured I’d do this itinerary of the way to spend a day in Portland.