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If you’re traveling out of Airside A at Tampa International Airport, I’ve got a couple of spots you should hit before you board your plane.

If getting there is half the fun, you can make the airport experience as much fun as you possibly can.

First thing we do when we arrive at the airport after parking and checking our flight departure time on the monitor, is visit Phoebe the Flamingo. My girls love her and always want a Phoebe photo-opp.

If you are traveling on any of the following airlines, your plane will be waiting for you at Airside A: JetBlue, Silver, Spirit, United.

Once you’ve taken the tram and gone through security. You have two things to accomplish before you board your plane. First of all, you must Find something good to drink and eat either in the Airside or on the plane. Nothing worse than feeling hangry while you are traveling.

The second thing you want to do is make sure you have something to entertain yourself on your trip. Even if it’s a short, hour-long flight to Atlanta or Miami, you still want to have a good book to read or the proper electronics on which to download some good entertainment.

I’ve put together a list for you of the best places to visit while you are chilling in Airside A. And by the way, of the airsides at Tampa International Airport, my favorite is Airside F. But Airside A still has plenty to offer, especially in terms of the variety of eateries and shops that are available.

When you travel out of Tampa International Airport, what airside do you most frequently use?

  • 1. Starbucks

    Starbucks at Tampa International Airport

    Starbucks at Tampa International Airport

    Starbucks is always an important stop to make. You can get great coffee to perk you up for your drink. They offer healthy snack items like nuts, bars, fruits, and yogurt.

  • 2. Pei Wei

    Pei Wei

    Pei Wei At Tampa International Airport

    I love their authentic Asian and Chines cuisine. You can get in and out so it makes it easy.

  • 3. Ducky's

    I love Ducky’s on Kennedy. So cool that they brought a little Ducky’s to the Tampa International Airport.

  • 4. Chick Fil A

    When you get a craving for a Chick Fil A sandwich, it’s hard to fight it. But just remember, just like in the stores outside of the airport, Chick Fil A is closed on Sundays at the Tampa International Airport, too.

  • 5. The CNBC Store

    For great grab-and-go food any travel accessories or essentials, this is your one-stop shop.

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