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Top 5 Things To Do In Tampa Bay According To ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage these days. Commonly called AI, and it seems to be everywhere. While we are still at the very beginning of this technology, the results that it has been creating almost instantly are both amazing and scary.  The AI bots are getting smarter each day with every question that asked. One of the most popular AI platforms is ChatGPT.  Recently, the AI software released an app for smartphones and I couldn't wait to download it to give it a shot.  One of the biggest knocks on AI is that there is no personal connection with the text its producing. So with that in mind I feel that many answers you get from AI needs to be taken with "with a grain of salt". But there I am, with my freshly downloaded ChatGPT app on my phone, so I type in my first question. "What are the top 5 things to do in the Tampa Bay Area?" A fairly easy question that anyone who's lived here for any amount of time could answer, but what would this soulless computer say? According to ChatGPT, here are their top 5 things to do in the Tampa Bay area. Explore Busch Gardens Visit the Salvador Dali Museum Enjoy the Beaches Discover the Florida Aquarium Stroll the Tampa Riverwalk So, I initially went into this biased, I was wanting to hate the list that this computer spit out.  But I have to admit, I am not that mad at it.  Its a fairly well rounded list, I only asked for 5 things, its not like I asked for 20 things. ChatGPT included our major theme park, which seemed obviously obvious.  But it also included the arts, by recommending the Dali Museum, which I was happy about.  Of, course the list had "The beaches", which initially seemed lazy. But after some thought, it really is something everyone should experience. Here are some activities I would recommend to do around Tampa

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