No matter where you live in Florida, you can’t be far from a Publix. They’re everywhere. Seems like every time we see a lottery story, someone won those millions by hitting the lottery counter at Publix. But which Florida city has the MOST Publix stores? Scrape Hero did the research.

Only 8 states have Publix. Florida has the most by far with 854. The next closest would be Georgia with a mere 207. Alabama has 87. The list rounds out with South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky has a measly 1.

  • #10: Pompano Beach

    You’ll find a lot of beach towns on this list. Publix has lots of beach necessities from coolers to subs to beverages and snacks.

  • #9: St. Pete

    Pinellas just barely made the list. Probably would be closer to Tampa’s number if you lumped in the Clearwater locations.

  • #8: Naples

    All those retirees have 18 different stores to hit the pharmacy.


  • #7: Hollywood

    No, not California. We’re talking that little beach town south of Fort Lauderdale. They have 19.


  • #6: Tampa

    Thought we’d rank higher on the list? Me too. There are 26 Publix-es in Tampa. Is that the correct plural? Probably not.

  • #5: Jacksonville

    Jacksonville beat us in Tampa by 1 with 27 locations, almost as many as our next one on the list… Atlanta.

  • #4: Atlanta

    The only non-Florida city on the list. Georgians love their Publix too. There are 32 locations in the ATL.

  • #3: Orlando

    Mickey and Minnie can get a good deal with BOGOs at the 34 different Publix locations in the 407.

  • #2: Fort Lauderdale

    Seems like there’s a Publix on every corner whenever I visit Fort Lauderdale. I remember seeing one block where there was a Publix across the street from, you guessed it, another Publix. Fort Lauderdale has 41 stores.

  • #1: Miami

    It’s Florida’s biggest city so maybe it stands to reason that Miami has the most Publix locations anywhere. There are 61 different places in Miami to get your Pub Sub on your way to the beach.  Just try to be patient to eat it while you sit in Miami traffic.

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