Shoppers look for deals on large screen televisions at Best Buy in Tampa.

Thinking about splurging and getting a new TV to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? This is actually a really good time of the year to shop TVs. November is generally the best time of the year to get a bargain on a TV. No surprise there… it’s Black Friday season. But January is a close 2nd. (By the way, if you’re curious… the WORST time to find a deal on TVs is in March and April and late summer according to retail experts.)

Gotta have it by Sunday?

While many of the big box retailers offer free shipping, you want to ensure that new TV is going to be in your living room by kickoff Sunday. So I hunted down the best deals but only included TVs that you can actually get your hands on in the Tampa area TODAY. These TVs are all in stock and ready to be picked up as of this morning (February 6, 2024).

The thing about the cheaper TVs…

One thing to consider when looking for a bargain on TVs is the screen’s refresh rate. While you might get enticed the low prices on these models I’m about to show you, they all have a standard 60Hz refresh rate. Many find it sufficient. In fact, most won’t notice any difference by going with a 120Hz model. But when it comes to sports specifically, gaming or high-action movies with a lot of motion, perfectionists will probably want to go with a 120Hz TV. The smoother motion can really be noticeable to me with football and hockey specifically. But you will pay quite a bit more… you certainly won’t get the prices like the ones you see on these 3 deals below.

  • 85" for Under $700

    For $699, Best Buy has a 85″ LED 4K UHD Smart Google TV (Model 85A76H). That’s actually $500 less than what shoppers on Black Friday paid. Best Buy says it’s $250 off the current retail price of $949.99.

    Hisense isn’t one of the big brand names like Sony or Toshiba. But the reviews are pretty solid. With over 400 reviews, the TV has almost a perfect 5 star rating. I always like to look at the reviews that are honest – in other words, they tell you the good and the bad. So I toss out the 1 star and 5 star reviews and look for the 3 and 4 star scores to get a true sense of the good and the bad. With this model, users liked the ease of getting the TV up and running. Buyers seem to like the picture quality but like with most TVs these days, they were underwhelmed by the sound. By this point though, if you’re getting a TV this big, you’re probably going to hook a sound bar up to it, right?

    If brand name is important to you, Best Buy is also carrying a Samsung model for $800. Both models are available for pickup today at Tampa area Best Buy stores.

  • 75" for Under $500

    Walmart also carries Hisense TVs and their 75″ 4K UHD LED LCD Roku Smart TV is on sale for $498… about $80 off the usual price.

    The Model 75R6E4 features Roku, which is definitely the platform I use the most for smart TV viewing. It’s simple and fast to use. I bought one for my 94 year old grandmother and she does great with it. This model has a bezel-less design so there’s no dead space. Buyers in their reviews say they love the sharp crystal clear picture the TV has. This one is said to work well with Alexa too.

    The Walmarts locally that have this in stock are in Largo, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Tampa and Brandon.

  • 65" for Under $300

    It’s amazing how low prices have dropped for 65″ TVs. For most normal size living rooms, this size is probably the ideal. Walmart has a 65″ 4K UHD Roku TV for under $300! It’s a brand name I’ve never heard of called “onn.” The model number is 100012587.

    While the name “onn.” is unfamiliar to me and maybe you too, I can’t help but notice after nearly 10,000 reviews from Walmart shoppers, they’ve given this model a really solid 4.3 out of 5 stars. This one also has that added bonus of being a Roku TV. One of the cool things about Roku is if you lose your remote, no problem… control your TV with your phone. This one works with smart devices like Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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