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You may have noticed that in the past few years, food trucks have become more and more visible on city streets all across the country, and certainly that’s been true in Tampa Bay. These condensed kitchens often serve up high-end cuisine in a totally casual setting. We thought we would share our top 5 tastiest food trucks in Tampa Bay. We got our inspiration from Yelp, but included a few of our own favorites.

The food truck industry has grown on average 8% over the past few years. It’s been fueled initially by the COVID pandemic, when brick and mortar restaurants were shuttered. That may have been the introduction for many consumers. But since then, the popularity has grown because of convenience and quality. A survey by Food Truck Operator found that 59% of Americans who have eaten at a food truck in the past six months prefer them over traditional restaurants.

Visitors and residents alike are discovering the charm of Tampa Bay. The burgeoning food scene is high on the list. The vibe here is a lot more chill than Miami, but the culinary diversity is expanding every year. We’ve always had great restaurants like the world-famous Bern’s and the iconic Columbia, but now we’re getting good buzz over the diversity of our many food trucks seen everywhere, every day. Lots of choices, and plenty of tasty options.

The secret is small, select menus that feature only the very best each chef has to offer. Made with heritage, heart and the hidden secrets of age-old customs and culture, the food truck scene in Tampa Bay is hard to top.
Food trucks are poised to remain an important dining option.

Here are some of the tastiest food trucks in Tampa Bay:

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