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What’s your definition of a phenomenal burger? Yelp came up with a list of all the best burgers in each state.

The place that earned top honors in Florida is called North South Grill. I’ve never been so I can neither deny nor affirm that they offer the best burger in Florida. According to Yelp, North South Grill is known for their smashburgers.

According to one patron of North South Grill named Brian, “Burgers are of the smashed variety with crispy edges and have a heavenly flavor.”

If you’re into the thinner variety of burgers and the burnt edges, then North South Grill will do you right. (But that also means you’ll have to take a little road trip headed south. We’ve got a great burger scene here in Tampa. I used to judge a hamburger contest each year. It seriously was one of my FAVORITE events to be a part of because we really do have amazing burgers here. And I would sit there and eat nothing but hamburgers for about two hours straight, but they all had their own unique flair. And surprisingly, even after the two hours was up, I wasn’t at all tired of hamburger meat.

I prefer a thick and juicy burger to a smashed burger. And the more creative toppings, the better.

I came up with a quick list of four places in the Tampa area that serve burgers that would be worthy of being on this list done by Yelp.

As I mentioned creativity goes a long way. I love burgers with eggs on top, chutneys…anything out of the ordinary. And of course, flavor is key. Whether it’s a smokey or spicy, it doesn’t matter. I’m just looking for something fresh, distinct and memorable. What do you think of these four places? What are your favorites?

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