Elton John's Early Years: 25 Classic Pics

We're so excited for our Q105 private screening of Rocketman next week. The rest of the world will get to see it next weekend, but some lucky Q listeners will see it Wednesday night. Q105 has been playing the hits almost as long as Elton!

Kyrie Is Trending On Twitter In Tampa, So Here's Mr. Mister

Kyrie has been a top trending topic for Tampa for the past day or two. Ok, I realize much of the chatter is probably about Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving. But a part of me wants to believe the world is suddenly appreciating and celebrating Mr. Mister's giant Q105 hit from 1986 hit "Kyrie."

The Cast Of The Karate Kid Reunites

Wish Mr. Miyagi was still with us to make the reunion complete, but for fans of the classic 80s movie The Karate Kid, it's great to see the actors back together again celebrating the premiere of the YouTube series "Cobra Kai."