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Let’s start this article by saying right up front, Dog is NOT dating anyone.

Here’s what happened… Dog The Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman) was spotted in public over the weekend, on what some folks seemed to interpret as a romantic evening with a beautiful brunette.

Fans were shocked at the thought of Dog already moving on, just 2 months after losing wife Beth to cancer. 

But according to, it turns out, that just wasn’t the case. The mysterious brunette was a long time friend of the family. Also in attendance at the dinner were at least 8 other staffers from his upcoming new show, Dog’s Most Wanted.  

The sad part is, I’m sure there will be more of this type of gossip. I think Dog will need a lot more time healing before he can move into a new relationship (if ever).

It appears Dog is channeling all his energy into his new show, now set to premiere on Wednesday, September 4th at  9/8C. We wish him all the luck and will certainly be tuned in.

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