Recently Dog the Bounty Hunter stopped outside of a restaurant in West Hollywood, CA and spoke with reporters from TMZ about the recent robbery at his Colorado store.

Dog says he is certain that the robbery was some sort of inside job and that it was someone in his inner circle who knew the Chapman’s and the store very well. Most of the items taken were personal things of his late wife Beth, who just passed away from throat cancer this past June.

Dog’s reasoning for his theory? He believes that Beth may have reached out from “the other side” to tell him. He claims a physic called and told him that Beth had contacted the psychic telling her that it was an inside job. I guess stranger things have happened.

When asked if he was going to be hunting down the person himself, (since that is what Dog does best), he stated he has promised the Colorado police he would let them handle it and that he would “stay out of it”.

Dog was also asked about being the recent target of a $430,000.00 scam. He was asked to fly to Dubai to make a speech and promised a total of $430,000.00 for his time. He even received a check in the amount up front. He was to donate half of the money back to the company running the event. But as Dog says, “if it sounds too good to be true it usually is”, and upon more checking he found out that the whole event was a scam.

Seems while Dog is trying to move on after his wife’s passing, some people may be targeting him in his time of grief. Perhaps thinking he may he may be an easier target right now? Guess what, it appears “The Dog” is still in charge.

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